Extreme Gravity and stuff


Soon to be mine.

Extreme Gravity – Soap box racing taken to the next level. Corporates with lots of money having fun really.

Firediving Not sure is this for real or not.
“Fire diving is when ateam of Scuba or Skin Divers compete with another team on how many divers they can have scooped up by either a helicopterbucket or the scoop of a water dropping airplane”

Terraforming – The Building of Osaka Airport. Way cool pics of the airport appearing in the middle of the sea.

Not the Bladerunner illuminated umbrella. The Bladerunner ones were cool. This is naff.

Opening Hooks – The start of a cool book. Interesting idea. Some great first few lines of books there. The bloke running the site needs to intergrate this with amazon to make a tiny bit of cash.

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