It’s hard to stand the sight of two dogs dead, under a sky so blue

Kill Bill Volume 2 Soundtrack
Not as good as the first but still good. Has more sound clips than the first movie. Most memorable song is Malcolm Mclaren of Sex Pistols fame covering “About Her”, very Mobyesque. It’s such a blissful tune. The other song to listen to is Johnny Cash – A Satisfied Mind which is a cover of another legends song, this time Jeff Buckley. This leads on to:

Johnny Cash – Unearthed
This 5 album boxed set is great if you liked his most recent “American” albums. There’s some very rough songs in this collection and you can hear banter between tracks with Cash chatting away in the studio. Theres some very visceral tracks in this set and it’s definetly worth a few listens. One of the albums is with his late wife and while not very catchy it’s still beautiful to hear him sing with the woman he loved for all his life.

His version of U2s “one” gives the song a whole new and sadder feeling. There’s one full album of gospel recordings too. Might even make people appreciate the bible again. “When the man comes around” from his last album before he died is also on this. It’s the opening song on the new “Dawn of the Dead” soundtrack. Speaking of soundtracks….

Zatoichi Soundtrack by Keiichi Suzuki
Japanese traditional tunes mixed with electronica. This compliments and adds to the movie quite a bit. For some reason it made me think of it as the Blade Runner soundtrack remixed by Squarepusher. The movie is very dancer in the dark at times as the everyday tasks of people in the fields and in the towns have rhythms that are the core beat of the tracks. Good soundtrack to a great movie. The end scene alone where there’s a Riverdance style tapathon is well worth seeing.

cLOUDEAD – ten

A new subgenre of hip-hop needs to be created for this trio. They like to call their music poetry over hip-hop beats. It’s just too hard to describe apart from being the best hip-hop album in ages. Very experimental, surreal and well worth listening to. As a bonus one of their songs is remixed by Boards of Canada. Who’d ever think you’d nod your head to some guy singing/rapping about two dead rotting dogs. “It’s hard to stand the sight of two dogs dead, under a sky so blue. You have to stop the blood to your head to fit the breath in front of you.” My fav album of the past few months I have to say.

Keane – Hopes and Fears

Best album for the 4th quarter of this year. I’m not too sure but I think Keane will release this album in October. Keane are the hottest thing in UK music right now. Everyone wants to be their mates. They’re a cross between travis and coldplay and just as good. This debut album is going to sell well in my opinion and I fear it might get overplayed and diluted on the radio. “Somewhere only we know” is on radios now and is a strong track as is “bedshaped” and “everybodys changing”. Go see them at Oxeygen.

Jet – Get Born
Guitar pop punk kinda music. Mindless and fun and due to play Cork I believe. You’ll leave their concert with ringing ears.

Prince – Musicology

The purple prat is back with his best album this decade and most of the last one. The first half of this album is funktastic and it’s the prince we loved so well before him and his old record label were tearing at each others throats.

zero 7 – when it falls
Zero 7 is the new massive attack and they have very strong vocal leads on the various tracks. It’s trip hop but less vapid and with a bit more life.

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