The use of the word ‘gay’ to insult something

This rant all started with this post here.
One of the admins of Boards insulted a users sig by calling it ‘gay’. When questioned on this he said he didn’t mean it in a homosexual way – see this post but later said his comment did mean it looked gay due to near naked men being in it (it was a picture of man utd celebrating some win) read the post here

My comment on his use of ‘gay’ was:
When the leader of a community of 22,000 people uses a word that desribes someone’s sexuality/identity as a way to slag off someones signature then it would seem more than tilting at windmills.

Would it be so easy to use if you replaced ‘gay’ with ‘jew’ or ‘black’ ? These words too are used by people to desribe their identity. Changing the spelling doesn’t change its meaning.

Another user posted this:

The use of the word gay in a pejorative sense (as in the context of Dev’s original comment) is (imho) inextricably linked to its homosexual meaning – effectively it an attempt to undermine the label that gay people themselves choose to use, just as gay radials have attempted to take the bite out of words like queer by using it themselves (queer nation etc.) .

Whenever I hear the word used by kids (and it appears to be very popular on the streets of dublin as a slag word), I intrinsically associate it back to a homosexual context. If you were a gay kid growing up, would you like the word you use in your head to understand what you are being used as a major putdown word by your mates? If everything “gay” is bad, what r u going to tell ur best friend when the time comes?

Egos being what they are this guy will never back down and the attitude that it’s okay to use this word as a negativism because the gamers use it is such a cop-out.

This guy can stick quotes from enlightened people in his sig all he wants but he certainly has a bit to go before understanding life and people. Enlightened my ass.

This is the crap that gay people have to deal with. And something I won’t stand for. I’ll correct and freak with everyone that uses a word me and my community to describe ourselves as a way of belittling someone or something.

I also didn’t appreciate his flatmate calling someone else a faggot, though as an insult it is correctly used. It’s a given that faggot is an automatic insult.

Also worth noting: Isn’t it funny to see the little lick-arses around DeVore trying to defend his argument, and only being able to back him up by making some stupid comments ? There is no intelligent argument to counter what myself, and the others said.

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