Comments might be coming back

Spammed daily at this stage now. But I want to re-enable comments.

This anti-spam solution from James Seng might work.

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  2. […] His blog post about it has a contact email address. The request is also posted on boards here. […]

  3. […] Damien announced this evening that voting is now open for the Irish Blog Awards. I’m nominated in 3 sections: […]

  4. […] Damien Mulley chimes in with a giant list of the available broadband offerings in Ireland today with advice on the pros and cons of each one. Very useful if you are thinking of taking the broadband plunge [so you can actually visit the links we post properly] or are thinking of switching providers. Clickedy clack. […]

  5. […] I am going to suggest a number of possible application models, many of them involving some form of disintermediation, over the next few posts. When I finish each post I will paste them into the Web 2.0 (the word that dare not speak its name) wiki and if people are interested they can add or subtract as they see fit. […]

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  7. […] Ireland Offline and in particular Damien Mulley together with John Handelaar got together to make a map of all the broadband enabled telephone exchanges in Ireland. Along the way they accidently created a map showing what things would look like if every telephone exchange was enabled. […]

  8. […] There’s also a geek dinner [there has to be a better term, “geek dinner” is just not all that appealing to us non-geek geeks] planned for the evening prior to the event. […]

  9. […] It appears Damien’s recent post regarding spam from Thinkhouse PR has disappeared from Google. […]

  10. […] Damien has some responses but the cretins have already gone and made some kind of a draft. Honestly, do these people have nothing better to do? […]

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