you need to blog

Everyone should blog and discuss with the world or just yourself and google (yes no matter what you put online google will view it). If you think you have worthwhile thoughts then I would think its almost your duty to blog.

Blogs are not just one way. Its not like a newspaper article as with a blog people can comment on what you said and can enter a debate with you and other viewers can also join in on the debate. And unlike a crowded room where everyone wants to comment but can’t, everyone can comment and give their opinion on a blog. The blog gives everyone equal opportunity to comment and contribute.

Thats if comments aren’t turned off. They are on mine until I find a way to beat the spammers.

If you are an expert in your field, it would probably be most beneficial to that field to have your comments on various issues. I’ve seen blogs that are able to get some great minds talking over time. This leads to new ideas and bonds of friendship and knowledgesharing. Quite handy.

Mailing lists are good but force you to download all the content before seeing it. So you could be downloading a whole conversation which is junk whereas you can just ignore it online. If you get bored of the topic you just close the page and it need not bother you anymore. No unsubscribing of any sort or resubscribing.

So go blog !

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