I’m not the only one …

Some complete fucking muppets on boards.ie made some jokes about rape. One said that he gets turned on by rape. I really can’t see any humour at all in that. Theres Freedom of Speech and theres lack of compassion and understanding for those that have been raped. Wonder if he got drugged and raped would he think its a subject to joked about. This was my reply in the thread.

Rape is not sex for either party. Rape is a violent act of power over another person, initiated to humiliate and control.

When you’ve been beaten, bruised, had your insides violated and torn and can’t rid yourself of that feeling that his ejaculate is inside you no matter how much you wash.

When you can’t move on from thinking that he could be there to do it again or anyone else around you is just as evil and could do the same to you.

When you cna’t even let those cloest to you comfort you and hug and kiss you because you are afraid to be touched.

When people give you looks like it was your fault for getting yourself into that situation, when you really can’t tell anyone what it was really like for the sheer shame of it.

When you feel like the above that I wonder will you be so lighthearted and jokey about such an act of violence ?

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