I can’t pretend that I could be the man you said you saw in me

Cooper Temple Clause – Blind Pilots

You came along to change the grade
To raise the bar I’d made of late
You came along to raise the stakes
To tend to me and my mistakes
I can’t pretend that I could be
The man you said you saw in me
But hang around and I’ll try and land this thing

Saw the video for this song on MTV germany while I was in Tenerife. Thought it was a new song. Its been out for ges, its off the Album “Kick Up The Fire, And Let The Flames Break Loose”

I like the song, it comes across as a bit passionate. The guys voice sounds like Liam Gallaghers when singing the chorus but through the rest of the song its far superior. The lyrics make a bit more sense than the usual Oasis lyrics too.

Oh yeah and its my birthday. Pretend to like me for a few hours and put up with my mini-dramas.

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