I don’t believe in perfection but thats what I seem to want

Asked by text what my ideal guy is I listed a long list. Probably an impossible list. I don’t believe anyone is perfect but I think we should all strive and yearn for perfection. Those that try and make themselves better are closer to this than others I think. (these are my current thoughts right now )

Maturity: has to be relaxed and cool about the world and cool about being in a relationship but at the same time needs to be fun and wild and immature in ways. Too much of each is not good, although more mature that immature.

Honesty: I can’t stand those that lie and are dishonest. I prefer people that are totally upfront and honest. Why hide what you have done and what you really are ? Thats what dishonesty is to me. I respect those that are totally honest. Its hard to be like that thought with society still being so judgemental so those that give the two fingers to society are cool in my books.

Argumentitive: Someone who can tell me to shut the fuck up and that I’m wrong. Not someone that argues just cos its fun althought thats ok at times. Someone that can argue something and argue it well and even make me change my mind about something. They too have to give in and accept the views of others and be able to change their beliefs if shown a good reason for doing so.

Educating:Someone who can teach me something new. I like to learn and find out about new things. Someone who will happily be patient enough to show me new things and answer my questions about something I know nothing about. As usual they do should be willing to learn from me.

Passionate: About life, about living, about love and about me. Someone that can express and show their emotions. Someone that knows what their emotions are.

Intelligent: Clever enough to know lots about everything and humble enough to admit they lack knowledge about some things and wish to know more, or state that they are not interested in knowing more about some things.

Good Looking: Yes, I want someone thats good looking too. And really its not shallow to want someone I think is cute. Trying to describe what I think is cute is another matter. My tastes have varied widly. I had arguments with friends about some people I liked who they thought were dogs and the same people then agreed with me on others I liked. Eclectic music, electic taste in guys.

The thing that you can’t describe: The magic, the wow factor, just something about them that makes you think “God yes” and you don’t know why. The unknown part in the overall equation. The chaotic function.

So after reading that list do you really think its too much to ask for ? Course it is.

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