Gadgets and musings

This Funky Caller ID Globe would look well if Caller ID worked properly on our exchange.

Got a few radioactive keyrings in the post yesterday too. They glow in the dark for 10 years. Cancer is not fully guranteed with them.

Went to a debate yesterday evening on the blanket ban by the Blood Transfusion Board on any man that has had sex with a man. Even if you had sex once with a man and it was protected and you’ve had HIV tests done for the past 12 months you are banned from giving blood forever.

Its a stupid rule in my opinion, they should follow Australias lead and just have a one year ban before giving blood. It would make more sense in my opinion. I did learn though that they are banning people from subsaharan countries too which I didn’t know. I’m all for justifiable bans for the sake of health and was under the previous impression that this seriously high risk category was not banned.

It was interesting to see some ‘educated’ peoples attitudes were almost like “you are disease ridden subhumans, go away”. It was really enlightening (sarcasm) to hear a young female doctor who started giving out that the gay people were doing their usual “we’re being discriminated against because we’re gay” routine, and she was all but saying “we don’t discriminate against ‘you people'” half her friends are gay she said, aren’t they lucky.

Good article on Disconnected Urbanism.

2 Responses to “Gadgets and musings”

  1. Kevin says:

    that id globe looks pretty cool. Where can you get it?

  2. Damien says:

    Staples in the states. Doubt it might work here.