Self Development

So the plan for changing the way I live and work is working. I’ve lost 11 lbs so far in the past 4-5 weeks, I’m getting more sleep at night and my productivity at work has gone way up.

I’m after getting the book for the CompTIA Project+ exam. and I’ve looked into getting a City and Guild Certification in Technical Writing, which I’ll start next year. Further down the road I’ve been looking at the Counselling Course that the Applied Psychology Dept in UCC organise. (UCC does not deserve a link due to it having one of the most badly designed websites in the history of academia. They’re using the BLINK tag for fucks sake )

The counselling course is a weekend part-time course that starts next September. I’ve made enquiries as to how I can apply for it and what I need to do to qualify.

I want to also do a database course in work. I’ll download a Smartforce course in work on it.

Found an online colour picker which is compatible with mozilla so I’m going to use that to give this site a better colour scheme and I must do a colour scheme for a friend too.

Saw Carlitos Way yesterday. Wonderful film. Today I saw Raging Bull and that too was fantastic. Inspiring. David Bowies new album is shite. Paddy Caseys is great as is the new album by kinesis.

Sending back my Turin Brakes cd to CDWow since its not a cd at all but a cd like disc that will not play on a computer or my stereo for that matter. I was going to see them live in Dublin but they can go fuck themselves if I’m going to support them now when they won’t allow me to play the cd on my computer.

One Response to “Self Development”

  1. Damien Ryan says:

    I really doubt it’s the band’s fault; these things are usually decided at the corporate level by record companies. At lease if you see them live you’ll be giving them your money rather than a faceless entity.

    I’ve seen them in Cambridge and have to say they’re really ace.