Why my Postman hates me

Got 5 cds from CD Wow yesterday.
Johnny Cash – American IV ,
Perfect Circle – 13 (and they boast that its copy protected, I think I’ll send this back as I’ll be fucked that some record company can tell me how I listen to my music. )
Snow Patrol – Last Straw ,
Spiritualized – Amazing Grace
and N.E.R.D. – Clones.


Then today I got the following:


17 cds (albums and singles)

The Pale – Lonely Space Age
David Kitt – Square 1
Live – Birds of Pray
Bell X1 – Music In Mouth
The Coral – Magic and the Medicine
Acoustic 3 – Various Acoustic Songs
Ruby Sessions – Various Irish Artists
Paddy Casey – Saints and Sinners (single)
The Crayonz – Nena
Turinbrakes – 5 Mile (2 singles)
Evanescene – Going Under (single)
Alkaline Trio – All on Black (single)
The Thorns
Nickelback – The Long Road
Goldfish Memory Soundtrack – Various
Manic Street Preachers – Lipstick Traces

and a book on the ancient chinese game of go: View image

One Response to “Why my Postman hates me”

  1. Kevin says:

    Cool. I must get copies of a few of those off you 🙂

    (david kitt, evanescence and nickelback for a start).

    You should order a book on back injuries off amazon (hardback of course) and when your postman delivers it along with your usual bounty, you can take it out of the envelope and give it to him 🙂