damien – let the taxi drivers run the country

www.taxiDriverSoapBox.org or something.

Yes they know how to run the country don’t they ? Well let them give their views and everyones views on how the country should be run.

Let me explain.

Split the governmental entity down into small sections

How should we be taxed ?

How should the dole work ?

Healthcare – the best method etc

Let people submit their views and allow commentary on these posted views. Yes it sounds like an online forum but its with only a few threads which are dictated by the moderators. People can post their views on a subject and people can reply to these views.

With strict moderation I think it would work well.

We could then all vote on which policy we all think is same and will work out the best for all.

Fuckit, why not in fact create an Online Irish Politics Fantasy league. WOnder how you would set up something like this.

Maybe I should color code my blog so that brainstorms and these ideas I get are set to a different colour than the rants and so on.

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