Damiens camera idea

I recently bought two very cheap digital cameras from the gadget shop in Birmingham airport. They fit on a keyring. Teeny tiny things they be.

Anyway, they actually record 30 seconds of video as well. They are shit cool. They hold 20 pictures too.

I was thinking of some sort of wearable button or badge sized version of this that takes pics every 5 seconds and stores them. Say it records 5 minutes of this before it starts overwriting a picture taken 5-10 mins ago (all memory size dependent). Before it overwrites though it takes two snapshots from this time slice and stores them in another part of memory, which we’ll call MemoryB. (maybe it also adds a timestamp )

MemoryB would then store in order (oldest first) pics taken at slightly random intervals. At the end of the day you could download either via a usb connection or bluetooth a whole reel of pics from the day and these could be uploaded as a daily pictorial to a website.

The thing with the random pics and the cam is you cannot see what was taken until they are transferred across so its very random and unrehearsed too.

The button is also non-intrusive to yourself and the people you are snapping. I’m sure it would make an interesting memory jog for the user as well as a glimpse of stuf you might not normally notice.

The reason for a 5-10 minute memory is in case something unusual/strange/criminal/newsworthy happens and you can store this for download. This amount of time could be increased depending on the ability to make the memory small enough to fit on a button and share the space with all the other digital cam stuff. You might also have bluetooth so this can be transfered to a camera and uploaded to a website as the newa happens.

So there …

One Response to “Damiens camera idea”

  1. Kevin says:

    Damien forgets to turn it off walking into the changing rooms of a gym, damien’s in trouble :-p