Damien on that gaydar pager thing

Its like the old Tamgochi thingys and a pager.

Its one of those “I’m Single” pagers but this one is for same sex people. So it uses wireless connection to tell people in your immediate area you are gay. Hmmm. Bluetooth does this right ? Yes. Anyone want to write an app for java enabled phones and make a gaydar application. You can scan the immediate area for people of the same sexuality and them send them a business card with your details and all the usual gaydar measurements.

Yes, Mr Mulley strikes again with another blog update. Now if I could get someone to build these ideas.

3 Responses to “Damien on that gaydar pager thing”

  1. Kevin says:

    Cool idea, but it would take ages to become popular enough. Fuck all people have bluetooth enabled phones that support java apps and are willing to download the java app and install it on the phone. Basically it would amount to you and me and a couple of your boards.ie nerds. Wow big revelations afoot there.

    (It would be cool to have the advantage straight people have of being able to see someone you like and not have to worry about whether they’re gay or not)

  2. damien says:

    Ah, you have the app bundlded with itself so you can beam it to another bluetooth user who doesn’t have it. No need to download it from websites then.

    All you need is one person in a gay club to have it and he can “infect” all the other bluetooth phone owners fairly quickly.

    There was some mapping/restaurant review app for the Palm before that had this option. Can’t think of the name right now but its on the tip of my tongue…..

    As for not a lot of people using it, well to start with no but as more and more phones come with bluetooth and the capacity to install apps the trend can grow.

    The gaydar pager idea is good but the hardware is already there on our phones so why buy more hardware when you can just install software.

  3. Kevin says:

    “Beep Beep”. I’ve just given you “the gift” 😀