Highly Susceptible to Erroneous Information


We’re all fucking sheep and we’re Highly Susceptible to Erroneous Information.

I read that phrase and thought that its so true. We really do believe what we are told in the media. We don’t seem to have time to sit down and investigate what the media says to us. Do we believe everything we see and read in newspapers on radio and on television ? We seem to do the same for websites too.

Would we believe some random stranger telling us stuff though ? Seems to me just because newspapers and tvs are in the home a lot we have given them a much higher level of trust. Thats not a good thing.

I’d love to see some sort of integrity thing going where a newspaper and even a radio station would be required to put everything they publish online and there would be a commentary section for each article where people can go and comment on how accurate the information is.

Then some independent organisation can check the website and give the paper an overall integrity rating.

Might even start a pet project to go through all the main stories on the main irish newspapers and see how accurate the information is.

It’d be cool if you could bring about a voluntary code of practice for newspaper websites so that they will try their best to make sure the information is accurate but if someone posts that the info is not accurate they will make the appropriate changes.

Damn. Before I started this entry I was not thinking about that but something else. Rapid thought evolution. Heh.

More ideas and rants later.

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