2 more website ideas

As ever I have a few more website ideas. Yes I know I have enough to do evolving this Mulley website and also doing the Mulley Genealogy website AND the Gay Teenage resource website but if I manage my time wisely I can do it. One idea is going to definetly happen. Its called The Dodgy List.

I used to post a lot of links to websites which contained lots of female eye candy on the Illuminati forum on boards. I get a lot of these links from a work colleague who gets them from his friends who .. etc.

Anyyyyyyyyyyyyways I don’t post on boards anymore but I do still want to pass all these links to my friends. So I was thinking of setting up a weblog like website where people can post their links and also maybe upload some scantidly clad pics as well.

I’m thinking blog cos it automagically creates rss feeds so people can just aggregate the website. It’d be handy too thought if it could be dumped out to a mailing list as well.

Something like boingboing does.

The other idea is a Information sharing thingy with possibly an Irish Twist. A kind of “anyone know where I can find ..” “anyone know how many” etc. Its only forumulating in my head at the moment but its probably going to be another blog/webforum thingy with an rss and email feed.

Must have a look at whats out there to compare.

Ooooh another idea is something which came out of the All Things Retro forum about sweets and chocs from days go=ne by and where you can purcahse them.

It’s be cool if I could gather together a list of everyones old time fav sweets and then give them each a webpage that lists where you can buy these sweets still.

Have a pics too of the shops you can get them from. With the rise of camera phones and all that it should become more frequent to have people take the pics.

More later. Stay tuned folks !

One Response to “2 more website ideas”

  1. Suzy says:


    Am still around if you ever want to do stuff on the gay teens site

    Take care