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karlins got trackback

Sunday, August 10th, 2003

karlins got her new site up and running and has enabled trackback too. Why am I caring ? Shouldn’t I not get excited and go off and read the Sunday World and complain about immigrants or something ? I’m slipping into geekdom. I wonder what circle I’m at Geek Dante Inferno wise ?

Oh yeah , Karlins been talking about Bloggers meeting up again. Not a bad idear that. I can’t make August but I can make Sept.

Added William Gibson and Donncha O’Caoimh to my aggregator too.

Donncha has an interesting link to to a piece on how to communicate with your manager. Or is it a link to an interesting piece ….

Wireless Hot Zones

Sunday, August 10th, 2003

Wifi Networking News mentions a Boston Globe Article on Wireless Hot Zones payed for by a bunch of businesses in one area.

Makes sense really that a bunch of businesses would get together and sponsor/pay for a wireless hot spot or hot zone. Its a good way of getting people to come in. Kinda like the way they have stores validate your parking (although thats not a common practice in Ireland).

For places like Paul Street in Cork with pubs and cafes it would be a great idea to get people into your area. What happens though when every area starts offering this ? They’ll have to offer something extra right ? Or will being first to offer it allow you to get ahed of the competition enough that they can’t catch up.

Saying that, theres not enough areas in Cork as it is where you can sit out and enjoy a cup of coffee or a pint although thats begining to change and as Cork City Centre becomes more pedestrianised we mght see more of it.

Creativity Tools

Sunday, August 10th, 2003

Not got too much time now to assess these but Dina has linked to some good creativity tools here and here

Maslow , damnit

Sunday, August 10th, 2003

Reading stuff from Joi always does the woods from trees thingy for me. One of his latest posts on how social software should be created/used to make life better for us is great. He mentioned Maslows Hierachy Of Needs in his post. I had never heard of Maslow before and now I do. Blogs are really educating me but theres too much information to handle. Firing up my news aggregator daily now I could easily spend four hours going through the content and following links and learning about new things. These four hours could have been spent doing other things, but would they have been worth it ?

What I’m finding now is that I’m using my own blog to post links to interesting things online and only half reading them with the intention of following the links on my blog when I have a spare moment and going through them properly. I guess my blog is my own to do list but its not really organised.

Oh and have a look at the comments after the post from Joi. Seriously intelligent people with great viewpoints. Wow. I’m blessed I can read all their views for free from my nice comfy seat in Cork.

my kingdom

Saturday, August 9th, 2003

I don’t know everything about my own City, my own County or my own Country. I can barely name the 32 counties that comprise Ireland. I certainly can’t tell you which counties are in which province and I don’t know the location in the country of a lot of the counties.

Time to go back to primary school and attend some Geography classes. While I’m at it I’d better so some History too. Here I am surfing the net and reading all this global stuff and I can’t even tell you about my local environs. Sad and shameful.

To be added to my todo list.

Trackback testing

Saturday, August 9th, 2003

Bill Kearney is making sense here about Online Identities and Personas. Myself and Fixer have been saying pretty much the same thing as well in our usual bouncing ideas off each other type conversations.

Anyway this little post is really a way of seeing do I undertand the whole trackback idea.

Larry is going for Gov

Saturday, August 9th, 2003

Gwan Larry ya good thing ya !

“Live Life – There’s no excuse to go about your business in a half-assed way. We are only alive for a finite number of days, and we’re poorer for every hour that we spend in soft-hearted pursuits. We rob ourselves when we submit to diluted entertainments and settle for second-rate gratifications.
Life is short, and there’s precious little time to fool around. Congratulations on choosing to lead an existence of uncompromising freedom of choice.
-Larry Flint”

I’m not sure is this a genuine quote or not, but its pretty true.

An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.

Friday, August 8th, 2003

Its my time to shine. I have books in one hand, sunglasses in the other. Its time to step into the strong uv light in my backgarden and escape reality for a while, or make a better reality for a while. Something something something…

temp from yesterday

Friday, August 8th, 2003


This was the temperature in the shade yesterday. I got roasted and now my skin is a bright red. I’m wearing my Peoples Republic of Cork T-Shirt today so the skin and T blend in well.

the weekend has landed ..

Friday, August 8th, 2003

Too much to do this weekend. Have to collect my laptop from work tonight too. Have to get the skeleton of a website up and running and do some writing too.

All fun, all the time.

Looking forward to going to Tipton Monday morning. Nice to get out of this country for a few days.

Off to bank to clear my creditcard, then home to book flights to amsterdam.

Xeni talks about “Social Fisking” here and I find it an interesting application. I’ve written this kinda rant / essay and each paragraph contains one argument/point (its the way my teachers thought me to write essays for school exams ) and the idea of having a quicktopic discussion at the end of every paragraph is cool.

I’ll upload my essay/rant and do that. Add to my todo list.