Wireless Hot Zones

Wifi Networking News mentions a Boston Globe Article on Wireless Hot Zones payed for by a bunch of businesses in one area.

Makes sense really that a bunch of businesses would get together and sponsor/pay for a wireless hot spot or hot zone. Its a good way of getting people to come in. Kinda like the way they have stores validate your parking (although thats not a common practice in Ireland).

For places like Paul Street in Cork with pubs and cafes it would be a great idea to get people into your area. What happens though when every area starts offering this ? They’ll have to offer something extra right ? Or will being first to offer it allow you to get ahed of the competition enough that they can’t catch up.

Saying that, theres not enough areas in Cork as it is where you can sit out and enjoy a cup of coffee or a pint although thats begining to change and as Cork City Centre becomes more pedestrianised we mght see more of it.

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