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the joy of sleep

Friday, October 24th, 2003

For the past few nights I have been going to bed at 9-10pm at night and its making a world of difference to my work. My productivity has sored. I realised my body needs an avergage of at least 8 hours and getting to bed at midnight or 1am or sometimes 3am and being back up at 6am was turning me into a zombie.

Now its Friday night, I don’t have to be up at 6am but I think I’m still going to be heading to my leaba early. Going to attempt to read the final installment of the Dark Materials Trilogy tomorrow.

Did I also mention I’m a fat bastard ?

Thursday, October 23rd, 2003

Forgot to mention that I’m on a strict “calorie controlled diet” since Monday. So as well as no caffeine, alcohol and the rest theres no fatty foods and anything that tastes nice.

People are going to get worried now that I’ll turn into a Jesuit. I do have the whole power tripping thing and sadistic side too. Gods soldiers. Hmmm.


And in tech news. Amazon today has opened up searching of all the books in their catalog. They’ve apparently scanned in every word thats in the books.

I’m pretty sure the API hackers and geeks out there are going to come up with some neat unthought of uses for this. It’d be damned cool if you could rebuild a book back in its entirety by searching this. Yes I know just by using a dictionary attack this won’t work unless you could scan for a series of words and go from there.

I suppse you could do it if you were allowed to search for large sets of words. Start with a word, then build a sentence around it and see does anything match and keep on going.

I’m sure the first apps will be word frequency things. “the word ‘fuckface’ is used twice in the Douglas Coupland book ..” etc

Straight Edge

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003

Right. I’ve decided to do something challenging. I’m giving up drink, drugs and caffeine for 12 months and it begins now.

So from now til October 2004 I’m going to be suffering drunken nights out while sober. Friends pissed and slurring around me and me as sober as a judge. Or friends giggling at nothing and me again sober as a judge. No tea, no coffee and no diet coke.

Its interesting to see how long I last and how it affects me.

Techy Link of the Day:Personas


Monday, October 20th, 2003

DodgyList is now up and running thanks to kevin

Also more Iceland photos are not available on the Gallery Page.

Lost friends

Thursday, October 16th, 2003

Been reading about the Lazyweb for a while although never actually visited the site. (the rss feed seems borked)

Today I did visit and saw an idea for trying to connect with old friends. I had been thinking about this too but with other features such as a list of friends that you do have contact details for as well as a list of those you don’t.

So if say you are trying to Find John Q Murphy from your old school you list the names of guys/gals you know from that school and keep in contact with. Stick all them on a page that can get searched by google and whatnot. If John Q is looking for Mary O’Shea from your class and you have her name listed on your site he finds you too with a google search and sees you are looking for him. He also gets to see other people from the class listed. “Oh yeah Pat O’Brien ! I forgot about him. Oh he has a website, cool. ”

Maybe have an autoform that sends an email via your site after you authorize it so he can email Mary without knowing her address. With you authorizing this email it will prevent spamming via your site too.

If the people you know have websites you would of course list them too and any other details they want listed. The only issues would be too much detail as someone might try and steal that identity.

I’m not sure if something like this exists already as I’m too lazy to go and check.

(I started thinking about this again lately as recently I did a search for a friend and found he was last working in some college in the UK. I emailed his address but I don’t know is it still checked. I’m not a fan of read receipts )

For a minute there I lost myself

Thursday, October 16th, 2003

Radiohead – Karma Police

for a minute there
i lost myself
i lost myself

Still on a high from Iceland. One Kevin gets proper ssh access sorted I’ll have a gallery up and running again and I’ll post loads of the pictures. Iceland is great to visit but expensive. Its a good prep for when I go to Japan I guess.

Saw last night that Turin Brakes are playing the Friday after the Radiohead concert in Dublin. Think I’ll book tickets for them too.

Back from the land of Fire and Ice

Monday, October 13th, 2003

I just love this pic I took of me: Grump fucker.


Iceland.Wow. Yes WOW. Fucking woah and whee and waaaa and WOW. Iceland rocks my socks into a groove thats going to stay with me for ages. The culture and the people are so cool. THEY GET IT. They get environment, democracy, peace, art, building and getting locked !

I’ll post more when I get some sleep. I’m going to go back again soon to the place.

So this is how he is doing it

Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

No doubt his production company will probably sue websites that link to this Guardian story that I found via Warren Ellis

“sneaking off on the back of a cherry-picker at night (under the guise of a man wiping/emptying the box); going to the effort of freeze-framing the “shot” of being asleep at night to fool the cameras (controlled by your own production company naturally); the effort of strategically positioning ground-lights at night so that passers-by can’t see the back of the box when he makes the switch; ”

Unrelated: The new UNKLE album is shit,

Nice keyboard

Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

Check it out

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Mulley will be right back ..

Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

Off to Iceland for a few days. Better bring a few disposable cameras. SOme that can take a lot of extreme cold. Might post tomorrow, might not.