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Fluffy Links – Sunday December 15th 2013

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Been around for ages but first time seeing it and could be made very relevant for Ireland. Iain Duncan Smith’s Unemployment Simulator.

We’re now all Hyperemployed. Doing more jobs all under the umbrella of one job.

There’s money in doing the heavy lifting for big data. Billion dollar company that does a lot of work for the spooks.

“Some say starting a business is hard, it’s easy. The hard bit is running a business”. Nice post from Mr. Canteen.

How to be efficient when packing a suitcase. Roll for some, stuff for others.

Benjamin Franklin, Social Media Pioneer.

This is a call to arms to those that work in journalism or want to start something.

Some really interesting stats from this leaked Facebook deck on video ads.

A smartphone controlled paper airplane.

Let it go

Fluffy Links – Saturday December 7th 2013

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

On Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse on International Day of Persons with Disabilities…

Via Jim. What happens to retired sports stars? I like that at least some media crowds give them training. And they’re eager to learn, it’s what pros do.

Swag Bomb. If giving away your merch, some good guidelines.

Looking forward to the new album from The Gloaming in 2014.

Invisible Children exhibition in UCC Dec 10th – International Human Rights Day. (they’ve built a replica of asylum seeker accommodation)

I really like Paul’s post on Advent and waiting. No microwave in my house, the idea being dinner takes a bit longer and I make something that’s less convenient and appreciate more. It also keeps me hungry for a little bit longer. Advent might be seen as fitting in well with the slow-food and other slow movements.

This idea and also Matt Churchill’s post that talks about social media bringing people together (the overall post is about SM losing passion) has me thinking about something. I’m not sure what yet but both are quite thought-provoking.

Mirror Mirror, off the Wall. Dec 16th – Dec 21st – ” Feisty princesses and sword-wielding heroines…reclaiming fairy tales for a modern day Ireland.”

For a minute there, I found myself. Man was himself for 27 minutes today. I know people with fake laughs, who hide their sexuality not just because they’re private but they believe it would not aid their careers, who eat shit from a dickhead boss and who are friendly with people because they are perceived to have power. It’s very hard to be always transparent unless you’re a zen master but I do wonder how much of someone’s day is interactions where they’re not themselves. Thankfully working for yourself or not being able to work for others means you can be more of yourself.

Ho ho ho

Software will destroy transport – The era of drones

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

I gave a talk the other week for the Wicklow Enterprise Board on technology for 2014 and beyond. The foundation of it was based on Marc Andreessen’s “Software Will Eat the World” mantra. Software will eat the financial world (Kickstarter, Square, Stripe), software will eat the media world and I talked a bit about Drones and Google cars too. Goodbye news choppers, hello drones. So Amazon’s dronenet. People already saying it’s a PR stunt. Jeff Bezos isn’t Michael O’Leary (PR wise anyway). There is something in this.

Of course as I started writing this, I saw Chris Applegate’s post and that pretty much covers all of this so you can stop reading now. Chris thinks it will be transport/deliveries that will be disrupted first and I agree. We’re nearly there already.

Google have been testing driverless cars for years at this stage and the cars look less and less like moon rovers and more like mom-mobiles. Volvo and the Swedish Government will be allowing 100 driverless vehicles on the roads in 2017. Driverless cars are safer and more efficient.

Technology is bringing the world closer but to bring physical goods to these closer people, humans who get fatigued are driving the goods and they are legally obliged to rest every few hours. Humans are a bottleneck and software will route around that.

I think what we’ll see is automation starting off as a national backbone kind of thing. Hours from 1am to 5am for some paranoid governments. National routes are better mapped and have better infrastructure and over time the automation will get closer and closer to our homes. Driverless trucks delivering to Tesco, M&S but also to Parcel Motels where we already go to pick up packages.

Parcel Motel is already disrupting Amazon and other companies. You only deliver to the UK? No problem. Here’s my UK Parcel Motel address and they route it to Ireland where I pick it up. In Ireland delivering to a country that doesn’t have postal codes can make deliveries inefficient. Pick up points at petrol stations and shopping centres is very clever. They’ve made it an easy habit.

Eventually public transport will be disrupted like this with automated tag on and off buses being cheaper (slightly) than human driven vehicles. How do we Irish thank the driver then?

The Dronenet was actually suggested nearly 12 months ago, well before Amazon talked about it but of course then people agreed it would be the likes of Amazon that would do it. What about Apple though? They have an insanely good logistics infrastructure too. Wonder will a Cork man be looking into this?

Right now in Ireland and many other countries you need a pilot’s license to operate a drone, even if it’s a brittle lightweight one so delivery companies have a while to go yet but I do see drones (they don’t need to be flying ones) taking over the delivery of goods in the next while.

There’s money in gold rushes and of course as this evolves money can be made from supplying these companies or giving them routes. Land and mast space have made billions for companies that supply roof or hill space to mobile companies. What can be supplied to the drone net? Guaranteed lanes on toll roads? Low-flying routes over your land? Better local mapping? Charging stations?

With the money that will also pour into research on this, Ireland would be clever to take advantage and make itself a test bed. Ireland’s tax incentives for R&D are well utilised for tax scams efficiencies by big tech as it is. But alas we won’t be there for the Cambrian Explosion of this new tech but will instead just give grants to companies already making fortunes from the area and ask them here to set up tech support centres. Ignorance on the way up, tax breaks on the way down. We do that well.

Update: Done experts says Drone Net is nearer than we think.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 3rd 2013

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Circuit Stickers – Peel and stick electronic components. Nice.

I Pixel U, app that 8-bit izes photos.

Wow, impressive and inspiring piece on the core philosophies of the All Blacks. Humble bunch of people. They clean up their dressing room after a game.

New site for UX Jobs in Ireland. Naturally it’s called UX Jobs.

Irish Mass re-imagined. On its latest recording, “Ó Riada Re-imagined,” the Louth band has asked Uzbek composer Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky to create a new work out of an Irish mass by Seán Ó Riada.

Nature. Bats use their sonar to find moths to eat, nature makes a moth that can jam their sonar.

Put your Instagrams on … marshmallows.

What lies behind the boring paintings in your hotel room?

Build your own Apple iBeacon using a Raspberry Pi. (For the non-tech readers, yes that was a real english sentence)

Fluffy Links – Monday November 18th 2013

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Wolfram now bringing out a programming language for the world. Could be very interesting.

10 common mistakes about Business and IT and the Law.

Before the current Internet was the Victorian Internet. Online games, dating and society crumbling under the noise … of the telegraph.

Finally, I think I’ll get an Android device just for Cyanogenmod.

For those that worry about the NSA spying on your devices. Faraday cages for your phone, laptop, iPad.

2014 roadshows on how to apply for tenders. Coming to an area near you. Worth going and worth applying even if the tenders themselves are full of bureaucratic bullshit. There’s money in them thar tender hills.

Strategy Deck. 50 communication tools/strategies/work flows in one app. And it’s free.

via John Kelly on Lyric. Dobrinka Tabakoviain

For Martha

Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 12th 2013

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

LinkedIn for Business training course on November 20th with me.

Get your business on. Bootcamps for businesses from Realex.

A big social media meetup in Cong, called (obviously) Congregation. November 30th.

Eolai is going to attempt to do 100 paintings in just 24 hours. Tune in, turn on. Paint out.

iQ Content on Google keyword researching. Things have become much harder with all these changes by Google but this post helps a lot.

Guide by Twitter for small businesses on how to use Twitter.

Soundcloud and Instagram integration. Great idea.

This spock versus spock ad is out ages. Loved it though.

I tried to order this book about Jeff Bezos in Waterstones with my Waterstones voucher. They didn’t have it.

This looks fake but it’s definitely not. Launch and land space ships are here.

Paint it Black

Link without fear – Copyright in Ireland in a Digital Age

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

The main report from the Copyright Review Committee has been released. Read the full PDF of it here.

The whole thing is worth a few reads. Well done to Patricia McGovern, Eoin O’Dell and Steve Hedley for writing something readable by practitioners and the general public too. Irish copyright Law hasn’t moved with the times but this report moves it into the 21st century and will ensure it is a little bit future proofed.

Lots of good recommendations but the main ones for me are:

  • Linking is ok.
  • Photos: Nicking and modifying them (including Metadata) is bad
  • DRM: DRM is fine but shitty DRM is not fine and a user has a right to not be hampered
  • Marshalling should be allowed to some degree.
  • Orphaned Works are being recognised.
  • Fair Use will come to pass.
  • Data mining is fine too.
  • Recognition of the multiple media devices every person/family has.

Says they:

Interconnectedness by linking is at the very heart of the internet. However, links simply convey that something exists; but they do not, by themselves, publish, reproduce or communicate its content.

The group recommends that it should not be an infringement of copyright to reproduce a very small snippet of the linked work reasonably adjacent to the link. Snippet = no more than either 160 characters or 2.5% of the work, subject to a cap of 40 words.

However if you link to something that infringes copyright and you do this knowingly then you can be seen as an infringer. Exceptions for education will already apply and here too for news/media types who are doing reporting and point out bad behaviour.

If a news site wishes to expose sites that stream pirated films or music, it would be unworkable if it could not say where those sites are, and the “public interest exception” would allow the news site to do so without fear of infringing

(My reading of this is as a news org you can basically make yourself a directory of pirate movies/software?)

More protection for photographers. Encouragement of using metadata and someone that messed with the metadata is seen as an infringer.

we recommend not only that copyright protection be extended to metadata, but also that its removal should amount to an infringement of copyright

They have nothing against DRM however if it’s shitty DRM, they are forgiving of someone that breaks it to be able to do what they have a right to do with it (Listen on other devices, different device etc.)

we also recommend that users should have an effective remedy where the technological protection measures prevent a user from performing an exception permitted by the legislation

Orphaned Works
When you don’t know who owns a work and you want to repurpose it or remix it or use swathes of it. Up to now you had to find the person who owned the rights, if you didn’t then you had to hold off doing anything. Limbo. Instead now:

Any person seeking to make use of an orphan work, where the rightsowner genuinely cannot be identified or located, will have to seek a licence from the Agency subject to a fee to be paid to the Agency to be paid on to any rightsowner who is subsequently identified or located.

Marshalling is: indexing, syndication, aggregation, and curation of online content. For me this covers sites that aggregate news or basically rewrite copy from news sites like the Irish Times/Indo. You can in essence now reproduce 160 characters or 40 or words less. This may spell some trouble for some organisations.

Caricature, Parody, Pastiche, and Satire
All allowed. Game on.

Data Mining is go.

very significant social benefits stand to be gained from content-mining, and in particular to be gained from a copyright exemption in favour of content-mining for non-commercial research.

Fair Use
I like this :

On the advantages and disadvantages of fair use, there was a great deal of anecdote, but not much by way of determinative evidence.

Fluffy Links – Monday October 28th 2013

Monday, October 28th, 2013

The Toll of Tokenism.

For the week that’s in it, remember Barmbrack? Pumpkin carving is in, this odd cake thing is out.

Via Piaras. Another example of marketing with Snapchat.

A mini-guide to advertising on Instagram. I’d love to see the results.

Younger and younger they get. Babies area using apps on mobiles and tablets already. Plenty of parents I know have apps on their devices to keep their kids occupied at the most opportune times.

The next Guerrilla Gourmet Club is on Friday, November 15. Yum yum yum.

So teens have a little extra privacy built into their Facebook than adults. Wonder why adults don’t get that automatically too?

Tarkovsky Films Now Free Online (Him that did Solaris and others)

I like this success story as it’s very grounded and goes through how it’s not all rockstar underwater cars and parties.

Campfire Cologne.

Netflix about to have more subscribers than HBO. Faster and faster they go…

I’ll drink to that

Fluffy Links – Sunday October 13th 2013

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Jim Carroll on what comes next for Diageo and us after Arthur’s Day.

Chapter One, the book. Perfect for Christmas.

The Web Awards are looking for a few more sponsors, if you’re interested.

G.K. Chesterston predicting Malcolm Gladwell, Gary Vee, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Seth Godin et all. In 1915.

our modern world is full of books about Success and successful people which literally contain no kind of idea, and scarcely any kind of verbal sense.

Has anyone tried this for their business? Advertising on a porn site.

New Arlene Hunt novel out soon called The Outsider.

I like this. James Bridle making the invisible that’s all around us become visible.

If Apple did smoke detectors

And the first cars in Kerry were owned by… A lot of surnames that weren’t here after 1920.

Sam Smith – Nirvana

No Ceremony

Fluffy Links – Saturday October 5th 2013

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Thank you. Been saying this for years. Teenagers are well aware of their social network privacy settings, the parents that try and spy on them, however are not. They whitewall their Facebook, they remove GPS in photos…

Come home for your tea. Kinsale Arts Festival October 12th and 13th. Listings.

New platforms for poetry.

Cocaine Diaries: Story of a Drug Mule. The opening of this documentary is fantastic and it goes on and on. Fascinating and scary.

Go to Defuse on November 7th. Will be worth it.

Google Analytics to measure your home.

You are using Google NGram, right?

The form for applying for Late Late Toy Show tickets.

Who was the first person to register a motorbike in Kerry? Or car? And the reg? Find out.

Janis Joplin on…

Come Home for Your Tea vid

Come Home for Your Tea with Kinsale Arts Festival from Kinsale Arts Festival on Vimeo.