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Manila Rhythm at Bahay Kubo in D4

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Manila Rhythm – I’ll be there

Manila Rhythm – Bohemian Rhapsody

Bianoconi’s the best pizza in Dublin? Oh Hell..

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

As people know I’m a massive fan of Hell Pizza, even Sunday Times employees have accused me that I’m on their payroll but I’m not. However I am on the payroll of who had me help them organise a blogger/Twitterer/rantAndRaver event where we came, saw and pizzaed.

We were there to not be very sciencey but to sample pizzas from 6 different pizzerias and see which ones we liked and disliked the most. It was a blind taste test, nobody knew until after which pizza was from where and to my surprise and slight shock, Hell didn’t finish too well in the list.

It was my first time sampling Bianconi’s and I liked them a lot. They also apparently came out the cheapest. I heard from a few people that they do really good pizza and they’ve won some world pizza awards too but taste is subjective. Some of those on the night loved some pizza that others hated and vice-versa. So, have to head to Bianconi’s. Also the Steps of Rome? was mentioned. Where else is good in Dublin. Was our small focus group of foodies way off, near to reality, bang on? Sorry Hell 🙁

Hennessy meets the bloggers

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Last week a few food and drink bloggers were invited out to the offices of Edward Dillon and company, who look after Hennessy in Ireland. This was organised via Brennan Sabatini (warning music plays). The meet and greet also extended to sampling some of the variations of Hennessy as seen below. We tried Hennessy V.S., Hennessy V.S.O.P., Hennessy X.O. and Hennessy Paradis. We got the history behind Hennessy and how the various cognacs are made. Hennessy then asked us for feedback on how they market and as people in the blogging and online media space, is there anything they should do. Feedback was given.


This is Alan, the mixologist. Wildly talented and entertaining:


We got to taste a cocktail called a Miami and this is the vid of how it’s made:

But my fav from the day was the direct and simple ginger ale and Hennessy:

I’m a fan of Hennessy and Baileys mixed together but it can be heavy after a few, ginger ale works well.

Some other videos:

More cocktails:
Blowtorches and orange

How to make a Bloggertini

Tasting the various Hennessys:

Hennessy V.S.

Hennessy V.S.O.P.

Hennessy X.O.

Hennessy Paradis

Very interesting to hear that Hennessy in America is consumed mostly by African Americans and Hennessy is references a hell of a lot in hihop songs. Oh and by volume, not per capita, Ireladn is 4th biggest in world for consuming Hennessy.

So what did Hennessy get out of this, 5 people who may now consider ordering Hennessy based cocktails? Or them telling their readers? Perhaps. Still negligible audiences compared to print or radio though. Getting to know people who spend all their hours in this new medium might be a good thing though. I heard it has a future this internet thing. For the bloggers, they got to sample a small amount of booze but they also got new content for their blogs. They also know a little bit more about their subject area which is probably the biggest benefit. Cognac making and blending is to me at least, highly interesting. I do wonder what the next step after the various meets and greets are though. Will consumers eventually design products they want and so become part of the customer care and product design teams?

Hell Pizza is yum

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

This is the mayhem pizza from

Peanut satay, sweet chili, green peppers, chicken, onions. Totally yumtastic.

Mayhem pizza from

mmmm iCupcakes

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

So we got some cupcakes made to celebrate the launch of App School. Once again the hyper-talented people in the Dublin Cupcakes made them at short enough notice and did an excellent job. Some of the cupcakes have 3d icons and some are printed on edible paper.



Nyom Blog Blog Nyom Nyom Blog Blog Blog

Friday, December 5th, 2008

There’s a Cork Bloggers late-lunch thingymajig on Monday, December 15th, 5pm. Organised by Joe.

Photo owned by jcorrius (cc)

Then on Tuesday December 16th there’s another slapup meal in Dublin for the bloggerati.

Sign up to go along, if you’ve not gone to one of these events before then come along, you’ll be made very welcome.

Photo owned by jcorrius (cc)

Cupcake Heaven

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Another of the special surprises at the Web Awards were the amazing cupcakes by Dublin Cupcakes. It was Jason that got on to me about them, suggesting them for the event and knowing I like to have something on the night that was not announced in advance. After being to Interesting in London this year and Moo sponsoring some wonderful cupcakes I thought they’d work well at Irish events too. Who doesn’t like sugar rushes? I then forgot about pursuing the idea.

Here are some pics taken by the folks from Dublin Cupcakes on the night:


Just like the Made in Hollywood people, me blogging about this was not part of the deal, this is me big upping them because I’m so happy with what they brought to the Awards and the great service. I’ll happily use them again for other events. If you want to chat to them you can get them at: cupcakes [ AT ] or on 087-9629293

50 day old steak and bread with bone marrow butter served in a bone

Monday, September 29th, 2008

It had to be the Ivory Tower:

  • Surprise starter of marinated salmon slices
  • The bread came with bone marrow butter, served in a bone. Looks like this.
  • Lamb kidneys for next starter
  • Aspargus soup for final starter
  • 50 day cured rare steak for the main
  • Ice cream for desert (coconut, chocolate, balsamic and beetroot)

Not the steak you were looking for:
Peppercorn Beef Shoulder Filet Steak
Photo owned by TheBusyBrain (cc)

RTE’s Recipe For Success wants foodies to contribute

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

RTE Cork are currently in pre-production for a new food and business programme called Recipe for Success where they invite amateur cooks to submit their original recipe ideas. The best ideas will then be selected and participants will be invited to present their recipes to a well-respected Irish food businessman who will over several weeks select a winner. The winner will then have their product sold in the Supervalu.

The closing date for applications is 26th September 2008

Receipe for Success

For further information please email the show at

Or write to them at:
Recipe For Success?,
Father Mathew Street,
Cork. – Sinéad writing for us / sponsors sought

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

As you may or may not know, I run Irish Food and Drink aggregator There are about 45 Irish Foodie blogs that it aggregates and it gets about 110 visitors a day and has a few dozen people subscribed to the feed. If you want to get emails updates of the posts then there’s a subscription box towards the bottom right of the front page.

Aggregator, what’s one of them? Yeah, it’s a single place online where you can get the latest content from a load of other sites. Gastro is structured so that it only takes summaries of the blog posts and so the original owner gets all the Google rankings for their content.

Local fare
Photo owned by Phillie Casablanca (cc)

The site is going to be rejigged in the next few weeks and we’ll ramp up the homemade content. We’ve already started though and the wonderful Sinéad from Inkheart has come on board to write summaries of what Foodie content was covered in the Sunday papers. We decided to call it Post the Roast. Go and have a read. She’s a great writer isn’t she? You’ll see a new Post Roast on a Monday morning. With enough sponsors we’ll have new content daily.

Speaking of which, if you want to sponsor sections of the site, let me know. There’ll be regular sections a sponsor can have their name on. Our main sponsorship route right now is the sponsored blog post. See, we dislike pure ads. We think they’re bad for the advertiser and bad for the reader. A sponsored blog post means the advertiser/sponsor has to do a bit of work and create something useful such as a competition or a blog post with recipes or a sample chapter from a book or something interesting for the readers of the website. Our readers get value and our sponsors engage more with the readers as a result. Well, that’s the idea anyway… Email me at the usual (see contact page) if you want to be a sponsor. It might work well for companies that work in the Food business.