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Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 22nd 2009

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Pat Phelan is using tech to change his health. Some interesting tech to help him.

Well done LouderVoice with their American deal.

Blog from Rossa McMahon.

.ie domain names for €2.99 ex VAT from Blacknight.

20 pieces of music that changed the world.

The economist on online advertising.

Ten worst tech presents to buy at Christmas.

Via Art of the Title is one of the best single take steadicam opening scenes.

Bonfire of the Vanities

David McWilliams speaks at Google Dublin

Fluffy Links – Monday December 21st 2009

Monday, December 21st, 2009

10 and a bit more days til chocolate!

Chris Horn on what should be next for Ireland’s industries.

Blogging is good for you. Very good for helping young people, it seems.

Childcare oopsie.

Google wants your voicemail. I vant your blood will be said in a while I bet.

Want. But not for 700 quids. Sponge Bob helmet.

You didn’t know they weren’t for real? Fakesters on Twitter.

Obama, Bruce and DeNiro. Wow.

Owen Pallett picks his top 10 of 2009.

Nice site: GeoAPI.

Given it’s coming to the end of the decade:

Fluffy Links – Friday December 18th 2009

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Cork, at last. And for a while.

Well done Heathers for getting a song of their’s used in an upcoming Fáilte Ireland ad.

The world’s smallest library is in a phonebox!

10 Minute Tales. New quick mini-films shown on Sky1 over Christmas, specially made. Including a short film written by Neil Gaiman.

Nice post by David byrne (every one he does is) about funding for the arts and a megamillion opera that got a bail-out.

Watch some BBC content for free online?

As the Morning Irelanders point out, they’re not they’re to give opinions. As such.

Pretentious Serge Gainsbourg video. Yeah you’re wondering which one.

Holy Fuck – Milkshake

Fluffy Links – Wednesday December 16th 2009

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009 are looking for a social media writermeboo.

Nice take on the Facebook privacy switcheroo one two.

Ideo’s kit on human centered design.

Classy. Yann Thiersen playing six iPhones.

Great talk from this guy Rory Sutherland about lessons from the ad world.

Via I Guess I’m Floating is perhaps the next big band? Brothers of End.

Get yer spooks DVDs nice and cheap.

Help a children’s war charity by playing computer games where you kill a load of people. Uhm, what are they thinking? Next we’ll have landmine charities bringing out blow up the refugee iPhone games

More gametheory in real life.

Via Josie is an antisocial network.

Mark Little’s IIEA talk on the future of news.

Via James Carr is this amazing dubbed lipsynch Star Trek video:

Fluffy Links – Monday December 14th 2009

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephen P.

Life is nearer to completion with a painting from Eolai.

O’Leary Analytics show the effect of bad news on Tiger Wood’s sponsors. When your client gets more attention and it’s negative, how good is your association then?

Clever competition from They built a 500 euro PC and the comp is that you build a better one using their catalog for the same price. Check out some of the builds. Well worth a bookmark.

Very important blog post here. User comments and a defence if you get legal hounds after you.

Twitter look fashion shoot.

Innovation Corner:
Rolf on Innovation.

Johnnie Moore on how rewarding some forms of innovation/creativity can misfire.

The five secrets of innovation are…

Modest Mouse – King Rat
So many people this could be dedicated to.

Fluffy Links – Monday December 7th 2009

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Jonathan has a new blog: Awesome Geek.

Eoin is doing a series of recommended book purchases for Christmas.

Who wants a certification in social media? Pre-Christmas special from Mulley Comms.

The real whizbang full-blown Google Zeitgeist stats for Ireland 2009.

So the top 10 hotels in Ireland are…

I expect to get this t-shirt for Christmas.

Male pole dancing. The legwarmers are chuckleworthy.

New iPhone app from Mercedes.

Virtual crime is now real crime. Very interesting.

Interesting iPhone app. Knocking. Share your screen with another iPhone around the world. Use it to stream video, share photo galleries etc.

Lovely idea. Weeknotes. Each week a company gives a raw and transparent summary of what they did that week. Good way to share with the rest of the world and increase transparency.

Via I Guess I’m Floating: Radiohead behind the scenes at the Grammys

Fluffy Links – Friday December 4th 2009

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Recession wine. Another great design of wine bottle labels.

Interesting Facebook application from An Post. A bit like an addressbook.

The lads from got on to me a while back for some feedback on getting attention for what they do. One of the reasons I signed up with working with them is they use technology in some very clever ways, one of which is this: The Car Index – It’s a nice tool to show you some amazing stats about cars in Ireland. You can do checks of car models, county, whether they are new or imports etc. 88 BMWs were imported in January in Cork compared to 39 new. Only 7 new BMWs were purchased in April. Go play with it.

Nice hyperlocal website. Everything you ever wanted to know about Baldoyle

Google jacks roll. Not officially sanctioned. This is though.

And the cheapest Michelin Star restaurant in the world is…

Paddy Anglican’s response to the Murphy Report.

Can you define beauty? Well…

Using the web to bounce around the world. 80 days.

Maybe I should switch off the working world at 5.30pm?

Seems Google is now forcing their ads into every service including Google Earth. Disappointing in a way. Give something to the web without sticking craps on it please.

Editors – Lullaby

Fluffy Links – Monday November 30th 2009

Monday, November 30th, 2009

In the middle of the strike comes this protest placard.

Flooded Café in Cork take out their anger on the council.

Good coverage by Puddleducks on using Facebook to advertise your brand page to the friends of people who are already fans. 8 fans for five dollars?

You remember the head of Amnesty International Ireland resending Susan Boyle mental health jokes on Twitter? Sure it was all innocent, resending them really was nothing more than a commentary on people being cruel. A silent commentary of course. Some people just can’t get those silent and invisible nuances.

Santacon is on. People dressing as Santa and just drinking and such. Saturday Dec 12th.

Interesting design for ketchup sachets to start discussions on landlines.

Most of these did the rounds everywhere last week but for the few that didn’t see them:

Design a logo, with graphs. Hilarious email exchange.

A history of food in movies. Feast.

Jimmy Fallon channeling Neil Young covering the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song.

Le Galaxie – You Feel the Fire

Fluffy Links – Thursday November 26th 2009

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Late with it but congrats to Daft Media for coming 8th in the deloitte fast 500 companies EMEA 2009 in London. Only one Irish company ever got as high a rank.

Fancy joining the beta of dbtwang, a social network for guitar lovers? G’wan.

New blog: Clive Nunn, furniture designer.

Nice use of Ning. Social network for Cork Businesses.

10% off at

Horse Feathers finally coming to Ireland. Hooray. Love their music.

The manga guide to calculus.

Two for one video offering from Why?

Feck Dexter, this is a proper Miami show and with damned good music:

and this:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday 24th November 2009

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Calvin blogs about Food Dudes. I might sign up for this myself actually.

Joseph from Loopthing gives a warts and all description of them going for seed capital funding.

Another blogger jumps out of a plane. Ian this time and again for charity.

Congrats to the folks in Connolly English on merging with Rain Communications and Brian Wallace Advertising to form Rain Group. Begin Take That song…

Nice breakdown by Schneier on types of social network data.

More fun in the floods in Cork.

The new Grand Canal Theatre is looking mighty: