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New Website:

Monday, July 28th, 2008


Got an email ages back now about, an Irish site dedicated to listings and promotions of Boutiques. It’s a boutique directory which gives users an online boutique emporium to browse through. so boutiques get an online presence and listing. Not bad for what can be very traditional businesses.

And how do they make their money?

They give all boutiques a basic listing for free, and then the option to upgrade to a premium listing €330 per year which provides them with /theirname on the site, stats on visits, they are highlighted in searches on their site and an easy content management system about other things.

They’ll also have a newsletter going out where advertising will be taken. This will probably be where most of their revenue will come from in my view. There’s millions left in email marketing in Ireland if only it were done well. Oh that’s right it is. Use Toddle folks!

I wonder is there a guy in Ireland called Paul that has a boutique?

O2 experience store Patrick Street Cork – Bunch of cretins

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Did you know if you are one of those noisy ignorant Spanish students that spend their time loitering in Irish towns and cities each summer and doing things such as splitting a coke between 8 of you in McDonalds that you are entitled to skip the queue in an O2 store and to hell with those people wanting to buy more than a fucking charger that are in the queue? Well that’s apparently the policy in the O2 experience store in Patrick’s Street in Cork.

Despite me raising a complaint about the queue jumpers the girl serving them didn’t seem to care, nor did her colleague who looked at her and me and pretended not to notice.

Fuck your mobile broadband product I was signing up for and fuck your 16gb iPhone I decided to to get while I was in the queue.

This what Flickr brings back for the phrase fuck you. G’wan George:

George Carlin...the Best
Photo owned by Tony the Misfit (cc)

That Media Training thing – August 6th in Dublin

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

This media training for startups I mentioned will take place in Dublin on August 6th. City centre venue will be announced soon. I’ve emailed everyone that put their names down for it and the response rate has been quite low. Perhaps it got thrown into the spam folder? 🙂 If you didn’t get my email about it, let me know.

There may be upcoming sessions for those that want the legal basics for starting a company and if enough tech companies attend, specifics for tech companies might be covered. Anyone interested in a legal bootcamp for startups? It won’t be done by me, obviously.

Facebook changes ad structure

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Via Email from the ad team:

The most basic change that you’ll notice is that ads will now appear on the right side of Facebook pages instead of on the left. The new placement integrates the ads into the new site design in a meaningful way. As many as two ads may show at one time on any given page.

In addition to these changes, you will also see a new ad on the home page. This new ad is located just to the right of the News Feed, and will initially run a limited set of advertisers. As this space continues to evolve and improve, we’ll provide more details.

So at least three ads on a profile now? (Not including banners) General users can’t bid on the one next to the newsfeed. We’ll see more tomorrow I suppose when the new look goes live.

Recommendation Cards

Monday, July 21st, 2008

I’ve been thinking for a while about the way I do business and how at various talks and training gigs I recommend various people. I even have an “I recommend” page on this here blog. I carry some cards of people around but honestly I’d love to carry more cards if I had room and then there’s the issue of topping up on the cards.

So I was thinking of getting cards printed with maybe 7-8 lines with a check box on each line and list those people from my I recommend page. When talking to someone then I’d say “This guy here” as I tick the box next to Richard Hearne, for example. Or tick two or three boxes. Much easier than people writing their details down.

So each line would have:
Person’s Name/Business Name – What they do – Web address

Or something like that. I wonder would an enterprising printing company bring out a template to make this easy for people? It’s a mini social network on a piece of paper. If we can do the Tuesday Push on blogs, we could do another form on cards. However, the recommendations should be genuine and there shouldn’t be horsetrading of the type “I’ll put you on my card if you’ll put me on yours”.

Anyway, I must go printing these.

New Music (minus one)
Photo owned by surprise truck (cc)

Irish Web Awards – Draft Categories released

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Irish Web Awards Categories. Subject to change though they probably won’t. Happy to include some categories that have not been catered for before.

The 2008 Irish Web Awards will take place in the Radisson SAS, Dublin on October 11th

Yeah, sponsorship is being sought. Remember you cannot seek nominations or be nominated if you are a sponsor. Or nominate your clients’ sites. If you want to sponsor then email contact [at] Category sponsorship and headliner sponsorship is being sought.

Nominations will open in August.

Word of hand

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

At a recent meeting/event thingy someone mentioned a client wanted to build buzz about their new product which was aimed at high-end professionals in a specific area of a large city. But didn’t want to explicitly state what the service was going to be. And they wanted it to be “viral”.

I had considered targeting the clubs where these rich boys go to act out their large egos. When they go in to said club handstamp them with the name or logo of this new service. Nice gold stamp or something like that. Or a gold bracelet thingy.

And then Piaras mentions your hand has now become advertising space. It could have been me…

Online Marketing on YouTube – The Wrong way

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Fucking hell.

I thought this was that German “safety” video where it all goes wrong.

Marketing on YouTube: Spammers always find new marketing methods. Good.

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

From email marketing and clever subject fields to hooking people via YouTube, spammers always are the ones trying new ways of getting attention. The two screenshots below show a clever way of using the YouTube “Annotations” option that is now in YouTube to get attention. When I first saw this I thought YouTube had finally found a way of doing proper ads. Not so much.

So we see an offer of sending a song to anyone that subscribes to the channel. Use a spellchecker next time son. But hell yeah, why not add an annotation to ask for subscriptions and some genuine free offer?

YouTube Spam

We also see an annotation to look at another video that you can click on. Great idea.

YouTube Spam

Why not create a video with compelling content and then an option to learn more about your company at the end of the video instead of just a pure sell video? Or do a general overview video of a new phone and then additional videos to get into the detailed stuff for each part of the product? “Want to learn more about this menu on our phone? Click here” “Want to learn about this next feature? Click here”. YouTube themselves recommend games via videos. “Click here to see if Mary makes Choice 1”, “Click here if you want Mary to make Choice 2”

Start using YouTube folks.

  • 1. It’s free.
  • 2. There’s lots of people on it who can find your video via related videos or searching.
  • 3. Your videos can be embedded on YouTube so that means blogs, discussion forums and the much hated but massively used Bebo can spread your product videos.

No Annotations in this video (tut tut) but a great video from Sophos visually explaining security issues on Facebook. People will no doubt watch a video where they would not have read a security whitepaper or walkthrough:

PR and Media training for Irish Tech companies / startups

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

The three biggest threats to a company that want to get media coverage are these:

Copy and paste

The Control (or command) key, the C key and the V key. In other words copying and pasting.

Forget the idea about some journalist wearing down shoe leather, wearing a hat with a press card on it and beating down doors trying to find your companyjust because it’s amazing. Journalists these days have much more to do than ever before and have press releases clogging up their inboxes twenty four hours a day. Look at the amount of downsizing in newsrooms and the increasing reliance on syndication.

If you are a startup and you are run by geniuses, you still need to market yourself and you still need to get the attention of the press to aid in the marketing of your company. Why should a journalist give you coverage if you sit in your office and expect them to find you via some magic journalistic yellow pages?

With that in mind and via repeated suggestions from a few parties :), I’m going to run a half-day paid workshop on dealing with the media/doing PR from a Tech company perspective. If there’s interest of course. Maximum of 11 per session. Minimum of 9.

We’ll go through how Irish media works (from my perspective), how to approach journalists and build a working relationship with them, what makes good press copy, how to run a combined media campaign and some basic interview skills training for print and radio.

Interested? Then leave a comment or send me an email with a preference for Cork or Dublin.