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BMW Films

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

A good few years back BMW did the BMW Films project. They got some gifted directors to create short films that featured the BMW product range. Each director created some great movies and the cinematography really showed off the BMWs. Below are some of those films. The driver in each film is Clive Owen.

Ambush – Directed by John Frankenheimer, he of Ronin fame and written by Andrew Kevin Walker, he of Se7en fame.

Chosen – Directed by Ang Lee, just before he made the really really awful “The Hulk”.

The Follow – Directed by Wong Kar Wai of “In the mood for love” fame. Possibly the best of the films.

Star – Directed by Guy Richie where he absolutely takes the piss out of his wife. Stars Madonna as a super-egotistical music star.

Powder Keg directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, he of 21 Grams and Babel and Amores Perros fame.

Beat the Devil – directed by Tony Scott and starring James Brown and Gary Oldman

Help promote good blogs that slip under the radar

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

JP Rangaswami is starting the tag idea of newtailblog which suggests that if you want to promote a blogger than isn’t greatly known, you blog about them and use the “newtailblog” tag.

Cool idea. Now speaking of which. The latest new blogs on the block are posted over on the awards site.

Fluffy Links – November 28th 2006

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Charity You’re A Star not to great on the charity.

Niagra falls from space.

What’s the best way to gain the support of a large number of people? Prey on their ignorance. There will always be a large amount of people who will never understand modern technology or consumer devices. Echo their inner feelings and fear of the new and you’ll be their champion. Bill O’Reilly thinks the iPod is a danger to America. Bill Gates did not sponsor him.

On the opposite side you could be like Bill Clinton and try and be everyones friend. Barack Obama plays the sweet card and rings up a journalist and apologises for causing them embarassment. If you want the support of people that like charming characters then you do what Barack does. I’m sure Obama was genuine but I’m sure it was also contemplated that a journo would be a journo and write about it.

Jakob Nielsen on digital divides.

Good article/post on broadband and the public interest.

Fantastic pic of a tower in Russia that reaches above the clouds.

Search engine for law blogs.

Johnny Cash, live in prison:

KLF – Last Train to Trancentral

B to the A to the Arrrr – Bar Camp Ireland – South East

Monday, November 27th, 2006

BarCamp South East Ireland

Well the next episode of BarCamp Ireland will be in Waterford on January 20th. Keep updated with the Bar Camp Ireland South East wiki and Bar Camp Ireland South East blog.

Do go along. I’m going to see can I go. Great idea about displaying the pics of attendees in advance. The last BarCamp was really fun and I’m this next one will be too. Hopefully we might see that halfbaking idea too.

And yes, I am a thief for stealing Ken’s bandwidth by hotlinking to the logo he made.

Fluffy links – November 27th 2006

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Random breath tests, my arse.

How come I heard so little about the Dublin Firefox party? Surely free booze would have gotten more attention in the Blog O’Sphere? How many bloggers were there? How many nerds?

So, we’re meant to believe that a prisoner handcuffed in the back of a police car managed to take out a loaded gun which he hads concealed and shot himself in the head with it?

Another funky use of Amazon EC2.

I don’t have time for naps but they appear useful. What about just not sleeping?

The Google 15. With all the good and free food at Google, lots of people are gaining weight. I think where I work we’ve experienced the same.

Cops in London are getting head mounted vid cams. One step closer to robocop.

This is really too close to comfort. Pilot flies plane through tiny gap between two mountains.

Family Guy taking the piss out of Star Trek:

KLF – Justified and Ancient. Tammy rocks!

Politics in Ireland – Competition Winner

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

The winner of the Barack Obama book is David Doran. Thanks also to Simon and Ken for their very constructive suggestions. Only 3 people gave feedback so the odds were quite good for winning and it was David’s name I picked out of the jiffy bag.

Now it is time for me to shut off the computer and get ready for my trip to Aberdeen in a few hours. Blog is on auto-pilot once again. Back on Thursday evening.

Friday Nostalgia Videos – Airwolf and Manimal

Friday, November 24th, 2006

After the previous post with the A-Team, we have two other 80s shows:

Air Wolf


If you’ve found any other “classic” TV show intros, link to them in the comments.

EDIT: Streethawk

Fluffy Links – November 24th 2006

Friday, November 24th, 2006

High-tech retro. Cup and string telecoms goes wireless.

Jokes and the Unconscious Graphic Novel.

Flat Screen TV – Irish Style.

Convert your videos so they can play on your Wii.

Has the demise of TV critics started?

Because I can:


Third version now with more techno:

Social Experiments with MySpace, BeBo, FaceBook, Vox

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

I’ve always dissed the likes of MySpace and Bebo and all the rest and I have a post in draft about how I see uses and drawbacks with these sites but it was about time I tried them all out and saw what they are like from a user’s perspective.

If you want to add me to Bebo, follow this link. This is my profile. I thought with Bebo it was popular because you could register your old school and add classmates? Hmmm. Are Bebo locking out videos from YouTube? I only stuck a video on it after uploading using some app that made FireFox stall.

On Vox I am I’m not sure how the hell this works and how I add people. Pity I can’t have blog posts here go over there too. I do like the privacy features though. Elana, where are you on this?

My Facebook profile. I’ve added myself to the Ireland network and the UCC network but there doesn’t seem to be much activity. Wow, this seems very much like a dating system. More open about it than the rest I suppose. I’ve noticed a few people I know. Small world.

My mySpace profile. Feels cold and quite boring. I’m at a loss to know what the fuss is/was. Edit: Just found their search thing is like a singles bar thing too.

So far impressions from all are that they are spam machines. They are very pushy about importing MSN and GMail contact lists so they can spam your friends with invites.

Oh I must try Orkut now, since it brought me so much traffic 🙂 SecondLife is sure to follow.

Corrib Gas – Ads in my GMail

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Why on earth are there Corrib Gas ads from Shell in my GMail?
Corrib Gas

I wonder what keywords are triggering it? redirects to a Shell corporate website.