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Chicken Feet

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Traditional “Chinese style” chicken feet. Boiled and left to go cold. I doubt I’d have them again.


Fluffy Links – Friday June 20th 2008

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Off to London for the weekend. Careful now.

Maz has a new blog. Looks great already. Tis called Made Marian.

New blog sur le block. Fitzy’s Cloud.

And another.

Is this the most comprehensive post about Leonard Cohen ever on an Irish blog? Can you tell Bock is a fan?

Una talks about advertising on blogs. Would you do it?

Russell talks about Booklert.

On your last day, what would you do?

The Bank of Common Knowledge. Interesting project.

Flickr founder resigns from Yahoo! Brilliant resignation letter.

Google Streetview car gets busted.

Some films of Chris Maker (of La Jetée fame) have been released. Arty.

In the UK their telecoms regulator has a consumer panel. One that oftentimes smacks down the regulator. They are not hacks that the regulator handpicks to sit on their holes watching the regulator present them with lies and nod like a dog for half a day, get a free lunch, collect €1500 and come back again in 4 months and repeat. Unlike Ireland. This is their annual report.

Master Massey & Shyhhy Welly – If Yer Gettin’ Cows

Fluffy Links – Thursday June 19th 2008

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Rick wants bloggers to go to Jay-Z with him. Apply within.

A certain car hire company. Arses. can’t say someone is banned now if they used their real name as their username? What bollox.

LouderVoice and Bubble Brothers allow you to review your wine purchase.

It’s Gay Pride around the world this week, Google have been rolling out the rainbow flags it seems.

Meanwhile on the same topic one of the politico bloggers talks Equality rights in Ireland.

ComReg hates black people BT.

BBQ Sauce Nazi alert. Woman not allowed to buy Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce because of lack of ID, then refuse to let her brother buy it as he might give it to her. WTF!

How to do your own ads on Facebook. A video guide!

Deffo needs highlighting. Installing and skinning WordPress. A simple guide.
Via I guess I’m floating:

She and Him – Change is Hard:

Green Party suggest EU-wide referendum post-Lisbon

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

From a Green Party press release:

De Burca suggests EU-wide referendum in 2009

– EU institutions cannot have authority without popular consent says Green Party Europe spokesperson

In today’s Seanad debate on the Lisbon Treaty, Green Party Spokesperson for European Affairs, Senator Deirdre de Burca called for urgent action by the European Union to address the issue of the democratic deficit and the levels of disengagement by citizens from EU institutions which she claims has been evident during referendums that occurred prior to the Lisbon treaty referendum.

“Much of the commentary that has followed the recent No vote of the Irish people to the Lisbon Treaty has concentrated on the challenge that confronts the Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, as he faces into a European Council meeting on Thursday,” she said. “It is to be hoped that a sense of European solidarity, so frequently referred to during the recent referendum campaign, will be in evidence when he meets his EU colleagues this week to discuss the way forward. The European Union’s ‘legitimacy’ problems did not begin with the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty, which is symptomatic of a wider and more enduring problem within the EU.”

Senator de Burca said that as the areas of competence of the EU institutions expand, it is essential that EU institutions are not seen to have “authority without popular consent”. She argued that if this issue is not addressed by its Member States, it will undoubtedly prove a fatal flaw in what is otherwise a very successful, ambitious and innovative trans-national political project, designed to respond to the challenges of the 21st century.

Is it the job of a PR company to make their clients more “connected”?

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Piaras once again has a great post on his blog about the PR industry and possible futures. This will probably come across as talking the guy down but the quality of his blog posts have really risen in the past year or two and his site is now a destination for insights in to Public Relations for me. Piaras’ blog is a great educational resource. It’d be nice to see him get more comments and attention for it. Also, while we’re on a roll, various people in the media keep chattering amongst each other how impressed they are with his professionalism for organising events and launches and getting the press what they need before they even know they need it. (How’s that swelled head Piaras? 🙂 )

Anyway, to my point. Piaras talks about some PR agencies in Ireland that are using Facebook for advertising some events and the PR agency staff inviting people to various launches and parties.

So ultimately will PR agencies win new business based, not simply on their knowledge of communications techniques, but on how well connected they are with specific audiences?

Slattery Communications in Dublin do this for example and it’s really effective as it gets real people inviting real people to events, it feels more friendly that way but also it turns everyone that accepts an invite to advertise it to their network as well and by publicly listing who is also going, it will probably get people to go based on who else is going. It makes these events more networking focused. Win, win, win.

Queen Elizabeth Park Observatory - 010620082134
Photo owned by roland (cc)

I left a comment on Piaras’ post with my own thoughts but on further thinking I wonder is it also the job of a PR company to make their clients more connected too? Maybe this is already part of their job, I dunno. With the examples of those events on Facebook for example, I wonder should PR companies just run monthly networking events where they bring their clients together to simply network and maybe bring in other people to the event too. Not a sponsored by event or launch of anything event, just a get to know each other event and have their clients get to know more people which can only lead to more connections and a better business environment. PR companies have fantastic contacts as far as I can see and increasing the connections between these contacts would surely enrich everyone?

What music can do

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Via Kottke: Take music from Requiem from a Dream and recut Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and you get:

Porter Novelli’s Guide to Approaching Bloggers

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Porter Novelli put together a really good concise guide on how to approach bloggers if you want to pitch to them or do business with them or send them/us something interesting. They contacted me and asked was there anything I’d like to add and there wasn’t, I think they’ve got it all covered. Anyone that’s in business should take a look at this because more and more you’ll probably be reaching out to bloggers. Well done Kerry et al.

Photo owned by charkesw (cc)

Fluffy Links – Tuesday June 17th 2008

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Clare Herbert is interning in Washington DC at the moment. Her blog is well worth a read. There are also Irish interns working with Clinton, Obama and McCain this summer. Very exciting times to be in D.C.

Via Eoin. DCU’s big boss has a blog. A damned good blog. Well done big boss!

Via Alexia, did you know you already have a premade phone book in Facebook of your contacts?

Great post. How to source good offshore developers.

UK bans product placement in TV shows.

Teehee @ Twenty.

I do love the posts on A Townplanner’s blog. This one about the Luas is great.

10 hours of battery on the MacBook Air. Yes please! Thanks Elana!

Open Sourcing law. Bring it.

Allotments for Westport? Great idea.

Want this t-shirt given to every Irish blogger.

Ducks snore. This is woefully cute:

Baba O’Reilly takes on Greenslade

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Here we go.

Greenslade blogs:

In many ways the O’Brien saga is a distraction from the stark reality facing a company that has put its faith in the longevity of newsprint and averted its gaze from the digital future. It has invested online, of course, but it is way behind many other newspaper companies.

The consequence of playing the digital ostrich is that INM is hurt more by the newsprint advertising downturn than those publishers who have been chasing online revenues fo several years.

Note the tone of INM’s trading update. While claiming that revenues were “marginally ahead in constant currency terms” so far this year, advertising conditions remained volatile in the second quarter. Volatile is usually code for problematic. So, in plain-speak, revenue is falling and likely to fall further in the second half of the year.

Baba O’Reilly replies:

Firstly, for the record, at INM we make no apologies whatsoever for putting our “faith” in newspapers/ newsprint, as our record 2007 results speak to (advertising growth, circulation growth and record profits)… On the face of it, that’s just good business and that might just appear to your readers to be a winning strategy (and perhaps, other media groups should follow our lead?)


Being at the vanguard of digital developments as we are, your somewhat strident (and mistaken) views on INM might have been suitably moderated by revealing (or at least reflecting) some of INM’s other digital ventures/ investments, such as the hugely successful creation, expansion and flotation (and subsequent profitable sale for c. €100m) of iTouch PLC (mobile content), as well as INM’s recent investments in price comparison (Germany), mobile VoIP, image search and online bingo/ gaming.

Denver the last dinosaur:
Dinosaur and Astronaut
Photo owned by Tom Hilton (cc)

Business Blogging Training – Open sourcing it

Monday, June 16th, 2008

I’ve been doing this Business Blogging Training lark for over a year at this stage both privately and in public training events and it’s a lot of fun and you get a great kick when you see new bloggers come online from these events. There is however a lack of good trainers in this area and too many “consultants”. Ones without blogs! I’d like to see more competition in this area as it’s healthy for companies and healthy for me to have competition. There’s a need for fresh air and new thoughts in this area.

To help this along I’m going to “open source” my training, in a way. I’ll give away all my course material (once I add some of the latest additions after recent courses) and put them online but in addition to this I’ll happily train up to 12 people (for free) in how I train people in Business Blogging.

Are you interested? I’ll be doing this course on a Saturday and more than likely in Cork. Probably everyone’s fav funky Hotel. But I might be convinced to do another in Dublin or elsewhere. 🙂
There are of course some conditions if you want to sign up:

0. You’re a blogger already.
1. You agree to start offering the courses after being trained and give at least one free public Business Blogging Training Course (like I did in Cork and Dublin).
2. You agree (though it’s not enforceable and screw is subjective) to not screw people over on charging them for your courses.
3. If you use my material you give attribution somewhere and you should strongly consider also open sourcing your training material.

The more people with a clue giving these courses and updating training material and giving it away, the better for those giving the training and receiving the training.

Send me an email damien < at > with the subjectline “Train the trainers” if you want to take part. There are no guarantees you’ll make the cut. I’ve a feeling there might be an over-subscription. 🙂

marco free bike good friend
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