Apple Glasses, Apple Car, Apple Medicine?

What are Apple up to next?

Apple really are pumping out the patents for Apple Glasses and VR headsets. Interestingly they’re still releasing patents around car technology. What interests me more are their patents around health. They now have a set of apps on the phone and the watch but I wonder is health going to be the main selling points for all future products?

Apple glasses holographic elements.

Apple Glasses detect free fall and ready the glasses for impact.

The ability for Apple Glasses to change the colour or transparency of the lenses. Also patent here for detection of liquid inside a device and to blast the liquid out with heat.

Apple eye tracking patents. Multiple applications.

FaceTime volume goes down or up based on who you are looking at. Clever that.

And this one is interesting – In surgical settings it allows display information to follow around staff based on their position in the operating theatre. Combine this with their Smart Bedding: Vital Signs Monitoring System. A sheet under your bed sheets that can record your vital signs like heat rate and respiratory rate. Then the Apple health Parkinsons app which seems really well considered.

Apple car safety system pre airbag deployment.

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