Fluffy Links – Tuesday May 6th 2014

How to make a really geeky Doctor Who style WiFi network name.

Really nice sentiment. Stop making more productivity tools and focus more on developing methods and systems for productivity. Then maybe write a blog post, a manual, a book?

a hammer, a lever, a text editor—assume little and ask less. The tool doesn’t force the hand. But digital tools for information work are spookier. The tools can force the mind, since they have an ideological perspective baked into them. To best use the tool, you must think like the people who made it. This situation, at its best, is called learning. But more often than not, with my tools, it feels like the tail wagging the dog.

Saying “I don’t” is much more empowering than saying “I can’t”. I don’t eat chocolate, I can’t have chocolate. One implies decisiveness, the other implies weakness. I don’t check work email after 9pm, I can’t check work email after 9pm. For me, my voicemail says “I don’t check my voicemail”.

Instagram blog post on The Long Room in Trinity.

The Twisted Celluloid film festival is on in the Triskel in two weeks time. Two Doctor Who movies! And Rubber is also showing. It’s about a killer tyre that makes people’s heads explode. Kinda.

NPR interview with one of the Godfathers of the iPhone.

Instagram gets all the boys to the yeard, I mean, gets the best engagement around.

But on Instagram, content that brand posted delivered 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.

Squarespace’s CEO hires people based on trusting the right people. These people:

  • Understand your definition of “good enough.”
  • Are committed to the same outcome as you.
  • Have the right cultural mindset.

The further growth of Snapchat.

Devil in the Details

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