Fluffy Links – Monday March 3rd, 2014

Stevie G has done so much for music in Cork and Ireland. Genuine trailblazer and lest we forget, did a lot for upcoming generations when usually told to fuck off from loitering outside the local Centra.

Giving teenagers and young people a voice is probably the most satisfactory and fulfilling thing you can do in some ways, and it doesn’t seem long ago when myself and my friends were kids and didn’t have that voice.

Snapchat recruitment example. Still not a single college in Ireland using it for recruitment purposes.

Wearable devices already exist. Via Russell Davies.

If the world breaks, you know why it did. This seems like the start of an epic sci-fi novel.

Nostalgia. Sylvain Chauveau does Depeche Mode.

I so want a Garda Cortina.

Ditch college and change the world. This happens to a tiny tiny tiny amount of people. Still. Elizabeth Holmes has tech to run 30 lab tests from a single drop of blood.

They did it. Control your washing machine with your phone/over the web.

Equally usable for cafés, restaurants and other businesses. Ten things theatres can do right now to save themselves.

Krakow – Hilary Hahn & Hauschka

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