A natural high from building/making/writing

Without quoting the whole thing:

I wonder how many of you will read this piece in one sitting – it’s only 844 words long.

You’re fucking swimming in everyone else’s moments, likes, and tweets and during these moments of consumption you are coming to believe that their brief interestingness to others makes it somehow relevant to you and worth your time.

The high from making something, even if it’s a blog post is such a reward. Nice 2014 call to arms around creativity.

3 Responses to “A natural high from building/making/writing”

  1. lisamareedom says:

    My New Years resolution. Stop snacking on Upworthy, mashable, bit buzz and start cooking from scratch.

  2. Catherine says:

    New Year’s Resolutions:
    1. Learn how to speed read – check (useful for MANY business plans at the moment)
    2. Hit bargain bin in bookstores for old classics of actual literature – check
    3. Learn how to make a quilt & make one – half a check (nearly there!)
    All involve putting the phone down & on silent – bliss