Fluffy Links – Friday December 27th 2013

And the finalist for Best Dad of the Year: James. Why buy a toy when you can make one for your daughter?

John Quinlivan owned 2013 and made it his “breakout” year. Here’s his blog about how he transformed his life.

Nice idea. Stoked. Action sports to accelerate youth development

The blog is dead. No it’s not.

I still urge every aspiring-whatever fresh out of school to start a blog. I still think most companies need one. Nothing makes you sharper than trying to say something worth listening to and nothing can attract like-minded friends and followers than a mountain of concerted attempts

Watch as Irish media outlets copy the headline but ignore the content of these pieces.

An art museum now has their own YouTube comedy show. Why the hell not!

On art, there’s art on the Moon and it has generated a lot of hate and vitriol towards those involved in the placing of it.

Fake news and hoaxes can still be of value. Even if it’s fake, it’s real.

Free app. Beethoven’s 9th symphony, a walk-through.

Elgar – Sea Pictures

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