Fluffy Links – Sunday December 15th 2013

Been around for ages but first time seeing it and could be made very relevant for Ireland. Iain Duncan Smith’s Unemployment Simulator.

We’re now all Hyperemployed. Doing more jobs all under the umbrella of one job.

There’s money in doing the heavy lifting for big data. Billion dollar company that does a lot of work for the spooks.

“Some say starting a business is hard, it’s easy. The hard bit is running a business”. Nice post from Mr. Canteen.

How to be efficient when packing a suitcase. Roll for some, stuff for others.

Benjamin Franklin, Social Media Pioneer.

This is a call to arms to those that work in journalism or want to start something.

Some really interesting stats from this leaked Facebook deck on video ads.

A smartphone controlled paper airplane.

Let it go

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