Fluffy Links – Saturday December 7th 2013

On Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse on International Day of Persons with Disabilities…

Via Jim. What happens to retired sports stars? I like that at least some media crowds give them training. And they’re eager to learn, it’s what pros do.

Swag Bomb. If giving away your merch, some good guidelines.

Looking forward to the new album from The Gloaming in 2014.

Invisible Children exhibition in UCC Dec 10th – International Human Rights Day. (they’ve built a replica of asylum seeker accommodation)

I really like Paul’s post on Advent and waiting. No microwave in my house, the idea being dinner takes a bit longer and I make something that’s less convenient and appreciate more. It also keeps me hungry for a little bit longer. Advent might be seen as fitting in well with the slow-food and other slow movements.

This idea and also Matt Churchill’s post that talks about social media bringing people together (the overall post is about SM losing passion) has me thinking about something. I’m not sure what yet but both are quite thought-provoking.

Mirror Mirror, off the Wall. Dec 16th – Dec 21st – ” Feisty princesses and sword-wielding heroines…reclaiming fairy tales for a modern day Ireland.”

For a minute there, I found myself. Man was himself for 27 minutes today. I know people with fake laughs, who hide their sexuality not just because they’re private but they believe it would not aid their careers, who eat shit from a dickhead boss and who are friendly with people because they are perceived to have power. It’s very hard to be always transparent unless you’re a zen master but I do wonder how much of someone’s day is interactions where they’re not themselves. Thankfully working for yourself or not being able to work for others means you can be more of yourself.

Ho ho ho

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