Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 3rd 2013

Circuit Stickers – Peel and stick electronic components. Nice.

I Pixel U, app that 8-bit izes photos.

Wow, impressive and inspiring piece on the core philosophies of the All Blacks. Humble bunch of people. They clean up their dressing room after a game.

New site for UX Jobs in Ireland. Naturally it’s called UX Jobs.

Irish Mass re-imagined. On its latest recording, “Ó Riada Re-imagined,” the Louth band has asked Uzbek composer Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky to create a new work out of an Irish mass by Seán Ó Riada.

Nature. Bats use their sonar to find moths to eat, nature makes a moth that can jam their sonar.

Put your Instagrams on … marshmallows.

What lies behind the boring paintings in your hotel room?

Build your own Apple iBeacon using a Raspberry Pi. (For the non-tech readers, yes that was a real english sentence)

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