Fluffy Links – Thursday August 22nd 2013

Simple english to explain something complex. Like the Saturn V rocket. This can be applied to so many things these days.

West Wing fans. Have a geekgasm at these Twitter interactions.

Want to sponsor the 2013 Web Awards? Better get in early.

Culture Night Cork 2013 details.

Yeah, you can now smell like Play doh. Sure.

So EdgeRank is a thing from Facebook that calculates who sees your updates and for how long for. They’re tweaking what happens now and you ought to read what the consequences will be. This almost *ducks* seems like SEO for Facebook posts. More.

More innovation from newspapers please.

A big boy did it. T-shirt.

Maybe a lesson for those that want celebs to Tweet about them? What happens when Jamie Heaslip tweets about you.

Scraping for journalists. Nice nice.


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