Fluffy Links – Monday 19th August 2013

An 80 recipe Bacon cookbook. Bacon popcorn! Sign me up.

I’m doing an Online PR workshop in Limerick (August 29th) and in Dublin (September 2nd. Few places left.

The massive variations in pricing of A4 paper in Ireland. It’s genuinely interesting and some differences!

Laura Gaynor’s exam/results diary.

All the words from A Christmas Carol. On a t-shirt.

How to promote your app. Some great pointers here.

Mindfulness at work. Some handy tips.

You can compete with Walmart and can treat your staff right too. Howdy Ryanair!

The future is already here. Take a pic of your keys, get replacements 3D printed.

A song from the 50s, covered by Bjork on her Debut album, this is it even better in Unplugged format:

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