Fluffy Links – Tuesday August 6th 2013

Really good post from Treasa on women in tech in Ireland.

Twitter CEO’s language to describe Twitter and elements of Twitter: “Multiplier”, “Conversation is the canvas”, “Live reach”, “Realtime media viewing”, “complimentary” and “social soundtrack”.

This is interesting. Sharknado had the best ratings ever when it was aired again, again. The third viewing had the best ratings. 1.4M when shown first, then 1.9M when on repeat then 2.1M. Hype and chatter and people going along with how insane and silly it is? Rocky Horror for this generation?

“You couldn’t trust any of these three guys to go down to the corner grocery for a pack of cigarettes”. Bruce Sterling on Assange, Stallman, Manning and Snowden and how utterly the world is changed because of what they’ve done.

Really handy graphics production tech that you can use in your newsroom.

Beer intake in the States is going down. Wine and spirits are on the rise.

How to write a screenplay script.

Data behind good Twitter and Facebook posts. What works…

A shirt from some of the same material as spacesuits. Geeky but how useful?

o2 UK will allow you to get some account details if you Tweet them with certain hashtags. Wonder what the data protection issues are around that?

David Ogilvy cheat-sheet.

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