Fluffy Links – Thursday July 25th 2013

Two online learning organisations just starting out.

LearnLode in Cork.

PBLearn was built by two NUI Galway Students.

Youth entrepreneurship in order to tackle youth unemployment. This seems to be only the first of three posts and not much in it, just yet.

Shirts.io – An API for t-shirt printing. Plug your website into it and they do printing, handling, shipping. US only. Worth doing in Ireland maybe?

Smartphones are leaky data devices. They’re insecure portable computers with cameras, microphones and Internet connections. We won’t wear a tracking device on our ankles but yet…

Souvenir Art Trail on Saturday in Dublin. A sprint to get cheap art is what it really is.

Fuck Buttons playing Dublin on September 14th. New album is out now.

Jay Brannan also playing on the 14th of September.

Richard Feynman – the graphic novel

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