Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 23rd 2013

Data helps to show Team Sky cyclist was actually consistent and not doping.

LastFM, better than Spotify for making money for artists.

The family and company that manages/parents the gang from Odd Future. They sound more like guardians than managers. Very interesting how the deal with the record company isn’t about singles but creating a cross-channel production group. This could apply to other industries too I should think.

Snail facials. Next up, deer lick leg waxing.

Landing pages tip: work backwards.

What is Red Bull? The Red Bull strategy. The author calls this “Storydoing”, honestly, another fake word that you can claim ownership of. If you forgive that though, it’s a good piece:

Red Bull has become a packaged-goods company that is also a content creation company that is also an events company that is also an adventure sports lifestyle company.

Text for a coffee. ZipWhip text enables various devices.

Ketil Bjørnstad and David Darling – Upland

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 23rd 2013”

  1. Damien B says:

    I love what Red Bull do – and how they do it. Not just the events, but everything down to the presentation of them through the magazines and TV Magazine whos. Their recent GAA event was very impressive – but also very low key.