Fluffy Links – Monday July 15th 2013

UCC and IMI Diploma in Management at a massively reduced price for SMEs. You can also do this course in Dublin.

And on management, Beacon is there to help SMEs in Cork County. Sign up for a virtual management team.

Quick piece in The Economist on how Democrats and Republicans use language when campaigning. I always notice that the Republicans are on-message and have the better catchphrases. Especially when in opposition. Death panels, eh?

Little Lady Fauntleroy. Oddness.

I wasn’t really switched into 500px before but some amazing work on it now. Too many filters and touching ups though. Great blog post on this Ricky Chapman project.

Food Herp. “The spreading of a craving/desire for a specific food or restaurant from person to person. ”

Gerald Manley Hopkins – Now in festival form.

Heartbeats of those in a choral group will synch with the music. So much of ourselves we can adjust with the mind alone.

Digital Strategy 101 from Bud Caddell.

How to Stay Sane.

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