Fluffy Links – Wednesday July 10th 2013

Gummy bear popsicles. You can also add booze but soak the gummy bears in them otherwise the popsicle won’t freeze due to the booze.

Crisis Comms. A playbook on the EPA website.

Cork Chamber are doing an event on July 30th. Social Media Wake-up Call.

Advice on making apps also applies to building anything, including a company. “Find something in your life that is broken and write software to fix it.”

Workshop – New Business Models: Digital Marketing Strategies and the New Distribution Landscape

Great photo-bomb.

Irish people and funny signs, the Feck one.

Tile. Find your stuff using Bluetooth. I want one that alerts me when I’m going too far away from the item. Sore experience when leaving a laptop in a cab.

Cartoon labels on cigarette pack warning stickers might work better than normal warnings.

Via Dangerous Minds, Doctor Who theme slowed down and stretched to 21 minutes. Pretty good.

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