Fluffy Links – Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Kickstarter shows that celeb Kickstarters bring more people in, bring more money to other projects.

Visually, connect it to Google Analytics for nice data graphics.

Scott Ian, spoken word in Cyprus Avenue.

While this back and forth between Steve Jobs and James Murdoch shows Steve didn’t take shit, it actually shows what Amazon is up to with e-books and how they’re losing money. For now.

Bank of Ireland now doing free spaces in Dublin for business people. Do I need to be a business customer?

Hollywood already has script doctors. Now they go through data on movies too. Data science y’all.

Job in UCC. Director of Marketing Communications.

Watched a documentary on Leigh Bowery. Fascinating guy. Some performance artist. I want his glasses.

@BreakingNews and how they operate. “With us it’s interesting — there’s pressure to be second”

Marc Almond – What Makes A Man

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