Moments of truth

Steal this objective from Netflix, it applies to all businesses:

Netflix in 2013 on what comes next:

Our North Star is to win more of our members’ “moments of truth”. Those decision moments are, say, on Thursday 7:15 pm or Monday 2:40 am when our member wants to relax, enjoy a shared experience with friends and family, or is just bored. They could play a video game, surf the web, read a magazine, channel surf their MVPD/DVR system, buy a pay-per-view movie, put on a DVD, turn on Hulu or Amazon Prime, or they could tap on Netflix. We want our members to choose Netflix in these moments of truth.

We win those moments of truth when members expect, based on their prior experience with us, that Netflix will be pleasurable, compared to all those other options. The pleasure comes from our simple experience for choosing, control over when to start/pause/resume the video, and from content that suits their taste and their mood.

When we deliver enjoyment, members watch more Netflix, continue their membership, and evangelize Netflix to their friends

One Response to “Moments of truth”

  1. Ruairi says:

    Love the sentiment, but if they are serious about this in the UK and Ireland they have to seriously beef up their offerings. For the first time since I signed up i’m thinking of ditching it. I love it, but it’s beginning to lose its value for money.