Fluffy Links – Thursday January 10th

Go on Conor O’Neill, Raspberry Pi and cheese.

Terry O’Neill photo exhibition in Cork. Some iconic photos from this man over the years.

20k downloads for the Supervalu iPhone app so far. Well done them.

Innocent Drinks co-founder is in National College of Ireland next Tuesday.

Well done Skynet Labs and their investment. Oil is still huge, making money from software services around it makes a lot of sense. And a lot of money.

Thirteen Virtues from Ben Franklin. Ben, those in the know call Benjamin.

Guardian comments. Small amount of people making most of the noise. But then there’s the 90:9:1, 1% make content, 9% comment, 90% say nothing.

Bookmarklet to give you the tweetable content on a webpage.

The Art of Changemaking, happening in Cork.

This is like a scene from Network. The Flogsta Scream. At 10pm in a Swedish town college kids stick their head out and…

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday January 10th”

  1. James says:

    Obligatory “A little bit of cheeeeeeeeese”

  2. Thanks for the Terry O’Neill tip Damien, as I’ll be in Cork on Tuesday and must go along for a look. Is it the same exhibition in both locations? Cheers, N

  3. Tina Darb O'Sullivan says:

    Hi Neil

    I am curating the Terry O’Neill exhibition. There will be 35 images split between the two venues.

    CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery is open Tues – Sat 10 – 6 & till 8 Thurs & Cork City Hall is open Mon – Fri 9-5.

    You are very welcome to the opening reception 7pm Thursday 24 January in CIT WQG and / or Terry’s signing 1pm Friday 24th.

    Best Wishes

  4. Neil O'Gorman says:

    Thanks Tina. Very decent of you. Not sure if I’ll be in Cork, but I’ll let you know if so. Cheers, Neil