Fluffy Links – Thursday January 3rd 2013

Bluetooth stickers. With your phone, you can find a device that has a sticker on it. Isn’t it normally your phone you can’t find?

Some great iPad App recommendations from Adrian Weckler.

New Year Resolution to sort your Facebook Business Page? There’s a training course for that.

Really! Art School gets students to buy a 180 dollar art history book. That only has placeholders for the images due to rights issues. FFS.

Doctor Who stamps. Ooooh.

I saw the V+A exhibition on British Ballgowns when I was in London in December. It was shit. I’d probably skip it if I were you. This Valentino exhibition that’s in Somerset House until March 2013 however might be the business. I saw an Yves Saint Laurent exhibition by accident in Paris a few years ago and it was spectacular. And inspiring. I wanted to own a lot of tuxes for one. A gigantic movie-set style staircase displaying some of his dresses and a huge wall of his tuxes were just some of the beautiful pieces.

Actually, on that, the Hollywood costume exhibition also in the V+A was very disappointing too. The whole thing was frustratingly laid out and can’t handle the crowds it seems. Some great costumes not spaced out together and the last room seemed totally rushed with great costumes that deserved more breathing room. First time in the V+A and two exhibitions that disappointed. Also! Snotty staff in their restaurant/cafe.

This could be an X-Files episode. or Scooby Do. Or X-Scooby Do thing. Someone is going around the world vandalising/destroying cave paintings/sketchings. The clues that are contained in them about our future and our past are being kept from us. It’s obviously a secret plot by aliens already living amongst us that don’t want us to look at certain stars and gain inter-stellar knowledge. Yeah…

Naomi was right. Oh.

Via Ain’t it Cool, when TV sci fi was scary and cool.

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