Fluffy Links – Monday November 12th 2012

If you build it, they will come. If you don’t build it right or at all, the modern world will route aroun you and build if themselves. James Eggers’ BetterExaminations.ie is an example of that in my view.

Maybe you can start with using robots.txt on your website to block Google? It worked for the Times… right? Then maybe you can remove the Google (DoubleClick) ads on your site and the article itself. The Examiner and other Irish papers are getting shitty with Google showing their content in their index. You know, the search engine that brings about 80% of traffic to websites…

Lot of people (some with agendas) knocking The Gathering. However bringing a load of travel bloggers to Ireland is a great idea. Once they don’t do what they did with some recent food bloggers where they ended up showing them the tried and tested tourist traps. We are more than a building with pictures of stout.

Not exactly tweeting reactions while a movie is playing but at the Cork Film Festival you are encouraged to tweet your feedback after watching some shorts.

Temboo, handy list of APIs you can use for your web project and an interface to them.

Bjorktastic. Remember her at the Oscars? Love this top.

Photographing historic moments. And again. And again. Scout Tufankjian got some great ones of Obama.


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