Fluffy Links – Thursday November 8th 2012

Teenagers on Facebook and Mobiles. Some stats.

7.24% of teenagers on Facebook are accessing Facebook using an iPad

The Glucksman’s new exhibition on The Experience of Illness in Art looks to be fantastic and with that there’s a symposium on the same subject. People from science, the medical profession and the Arts are going to be at it. Mega lineup. Wish I was around for it but I’ll be in Cardigan learning about denim…

One person’s experience of running the Ireland account on Twitter. Not positive.

How to deal with insomnia. You can also get amber glasses to block blue light. Not sure how effective they are.

RedFly are now giving away their keyword tool away for free. (This is dead handy for anyone into SEO)

Facebook used by Obama to get out the vote.

The campaign found that roughly 1 in 5 people contacted by a Facebook pal acted on the request, in large part because the message came from someone they knew

And related: Liquid Democracy and the German Pirate Party.

Pantone prints, yes please.

Katharine Philippa – Whiter Than I

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