Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 6th 2012

Seti The First play Triskel Christchurch on Thursday. Worth seeing in my view.

UXPA Ireland “The Place for UX, Usability & Accessibility Professionals in Ireland” official launch takes place on 8 November 2012 — World Usability Day — at the National College of Ireland (NCI), Dublin.

So the Web Awards seemed to go well. Thanks for all the help everyone.

That Night Follows Day is in the Everyman until Saturday. A play for adults by children. “catalogues the many ways children’s lives are determined by that of their carers.”

Regulating Cloud Computing: Clear Skies Ahead? UCC, Friday 16 November.

Mr. Blanchfield says Start a Startup. Can you say no to this man?

So bands make sfa from selling music, the impression was touring is where it’s at. Seems not there either

Killer Mike – Big Beast (Via Jim)

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