Fluffy links – Sunday October 21st 2012

It’s been an age since some updates.

Businesses, check out eircom’s Digital Boost initiative. Monthly chance of winning free resources from eircom.

I really like this alternative The Gathering posters.

iphone app. Spots – search a location for Instagram photos taken there.

This reads like someone trying to start a legal test case. Guy building a 3-D printer to make a gun.

The most expensive and fastest Michelin-starred sushi you’ll ever have. Worth it?

Got sent a Microsoft Project file the other day. Found this PDF site converted them into PDFs so easily readable in a few short steps. Not just for making PDFs from Word docs!

John Kelly played “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet” the other week. Well an excerpt as it goes to 74 minutes. Bren has previously written about this piece.

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