Fluffy Links – Friday July 20th 2012

Greenshoots are looking for entrepreneurs in the Lee Valley area to join their incubation programme.

Reminder: Doing a Digital Marketing course (the price is subsidised) with Cork Chamber in August.

Wifi blocking wallpaper. I really do think in time there will be a niche for holiday getaways that have no mobile signal, no broadband and no telephone lines. Some parts of West Cork offer this without realising it.

Nice piece from Henry Miller on the slog that is writing. Many writers seem to suggest the idea of writing and writing and writing to a set agenda.

One way of getting kids to clean up their Facebook Profile is to tell them your roommates in college (and thus their parents) wil be shown your profile when you are booking rooms.

Thank goodness. Proper content is better than someone taking content and rewriting it to add jazzhands. Maybe less “news aggregators” will get Google love so.

Interesting concept. No need to use logins as we’re all on mobiles and logins are a pain.

Abdullah Ibrahim – Cape Town Flower

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