Fluffy Links – Monday April 30th 2012

Open Paths. Log all your location data, keep it safe, use it how you want to use it.

Kamori Studios have a blog. It can be read. For free. By humans. Free humans.

Doing some PR Workshops in Cork and Dublin. Sign up if interested.

Mr. Brand Ireland links to an agency called Huge. We’re motherfucking hipster creative motherfucks. Pivot! Creative! Dogs! Passionate! DanishDesignerEyewear!

Ouch. So Google did know they were scanning WiFi networks and intercepting data on those networks. They only got fined $25k for this.

Future of retail? Apple Stores perform 17 times better than the average retail store. Ask them.

If this, then that. Make your web tasks more efficient. Automate things.

Low – Lullaby

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